Young singers with wreaths of flowers © Giovanni De Marco

10 perfect spring songs to sing along

These songs will get you out of hibernation

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Hello, March! The first month of spring is finally here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), we are attracted to the sun outside and not only the birds are finally singing their songs again, but also we would like to start anew. And of course we would love to do this together with our fellow singers at the next (virtual) choir rehearsal! 

And in order to have a common goal again, we present you here our 10 favorite spring songs, which will animate all together to sing and dance along. Let's get started: 

1) "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles

The classic '60s track has stood the test of time, with its spirited acoustic guitar and an effervescent energy that's sure to warm even the coldest of hearts. Listen here to a special the performance of this song brought by the „NTU-Choir“ from Nottingham (Great Britain): 

2) "Spring Fever" by Elvis Presley from the movie"Girl Happy"

Spring fever, an experience of restlessness or romantic feelings, associated with the onset of spring and really fun to sing along:

3) "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves

A very good and well-known song that makes it clear that if you walk around while the sun is shining, very interesting emotions are released. Here's a perfect version to sing and dance along by the Central Islip Show Choir from the USA: 

4) "Here Comes the Spring" by Tony Orlando & Dawn

A very nice song by Tony Orlando wich clearly states that when the sun shines, the heart is warmed and you fall in love. And when does the sun start to shine? In spring, of course. Check it out here:

5) "April in Paris" by Count Basie

Count Basie talks about a charming spring. He focuses on the month of April. And where is the best place to spend the month? In Paris, of course. The „Blair Jazz Choir“ from the USA took the chance last year to use this song for a virtual choir performance, see here:

6) "April come she will" by Simon & Garfunkel

Simon about his song: „I met an old friend of mine in a small town near London. We went out at dawn and she recited an English nursery rhyme, it was a children’s rhyme and it was about a cuckoo, a bird. It went “April come she will. May she will stay, June she’ll change her tune. July she will fly. August die she must.” The song was created from this nursery rhyme. And you have to feel this wonderful version from the legendary „The King’s singers“: 

7) "The first days of Spring" by Noah & The Whale

With this great song they want to show the listeners that everything in spring begins to live. The trees grow, the rivers flow again and all these aspects are compared to love which won’t be there anymore:

8) "Grazing in the Grass" by Hugh Masakela

A very nice instrumental song that lets the soul blossom in spring. With the great beat from the 60s, it's a fantastic song to dance to or just to relax on in the warm spring days:

9) "Spring Song" by Felix Mendelssohn Bartoldy

The first notes of the song are delivered to him by a hunter who blows his horn; he gets his idea for the second burden from a child's crying; The third burden is brought to him by the yawning of some sleepy workers. To recognize other characters, just listen to the beautiful song:

10) "Flowers" by The Emotion

A wonderful R'n'B song with some great harmonies, which reflects the impact of destiny and the origin of light, love and life:

Hope you enjoyed our little selection of spring songs! Do you have anything to add? Send us your suggestions via info(at)!