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We would like to invite you to celebrate the 12th International Johannes Brahms Choir Competition & Festival with us in Wernigerode, Germany. Join choirs from all over the world, come to the colourful city at the Harz mountains in 2023 and enjoy a great festival in a familiar atmosphere.

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR
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Welcome to Wernigerode! We are happy and glad that the international Johannes Brahms Choir Festival will be held here again. A wonderful time is ahead of us, with a very special atmosphere in Wernigerode. We are looking forward to guests from all over the world and to a top-class competition.

Tobias Kascha, Mayor of the City of Wernigerode

Participation opportunities

This event provides you the opportunity to choose from the following options of participation:

Non-competitive Participation Competitive Participation
Festival Participation** Competition Categories*
Evaluation Performance* Evaluation Performance*
Individual Coaching* Individual Coaching*

friendship concert performance included

* at least two performances included

Evaluation Performances and Individual Coachings
Friendship Concerts
Grand Prize Competition

"The choir festival represents an important cultural highlight which enriches the city of Wernigerode, and exciting and top class cultural days are yet to come. One must simply become part of it, it is a memorable event as I know first-hand."

Peter Gaffert, Mayor of the City of Wernigerode, Germany (Wernigerode 2017)

"I’ve been at many choir festivals and competitions in my career, but this one was special. Everybody's warmth and friendliness, the professional organization, wonderful choirs, great colleagues and perfect venues, and the participation of the local community – all this created a very special experience."

Willi Becker, jury member, Germany (Wernigerode 2019)

"Wernigerode as a city, as well as this whole festival, were both first times for me, and I must admit that both of them were top class experiences!! Having toured somewhat around Europe on concert tours as well as in competitions, yours stands out as a serious top shelf experience among the years."

Juhani Viskari, Kamarikuoro Kaamos, Finland (Wernigerode 2019)

"Heartfelt and sincere thanks for this unique, thoroughly successful musical top-class event! Your dedication and your efforts have moved so many people, joined them together and created a harmony through music that is second to none!"

Josef Kraft, Vokalensemble Familie Kraft, Germany (Wernigerode 2019)

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Registration deadline: February 13, 2023

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Wernigerode is a city with a special flair, as it is not only a gem of medieval architecture but also beautifully located at the edge of the Harz, a low mountain range in Germany. Hardly any other German city has so many gorgeous timber-framed buildings that compete for the visitor’s’ attention: the ideal setting for the parade and the opening ceremony as well as further open air events. And the narrow-gauge-railway also turns the discovery of the surroundings into a wonderful and charming experience.

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