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Victoriam - victory of compassion, victory of life

Musicians and singers support the foodbank in Germany

Love, humanity and solidarity are vital values which have become especially essential in current times of the Coronacrisis. The initiative #CoronaCare aims to bring these virtues to life in order to make our whole community care for those who are affected severly by this crisis – people who depend on food donations. They receive help from the food banks, a charity which provides thousands of people in need with free food every day through its nationwide network.

But this help is at risk: On the one hand, many of the volunteers belong to the corona risk group due to their age, and on the other hand the number of food donations has drastically decreased.  At the same time, more and more people need the services of the Tafel foodbank: People who have lost their jobs but still have to provide for a family. People who, due to the drop in donations, can now take home considerably less food. People who were able to survive until the outbreak of the Corona crisis thanks to donations from passers-by and restaurants. Therefore, the campaign #CoronaCare supports these institutions with the song "Victoriam" by donating the proceeds of downloads from music portals to the work of the food bank.

Victoriam misericordia - victoriam vitae - omnia speramus (The victory of humanity, of compassion, is the victory of life that we all wish for) - this message resonates and shot the song to the top of the iTunes Charts last Friday. The German composer and producer Christoph Siemons produced the track as part of his album "Sinfoglesia" with more than 100 musicians and singers as a collaboration between choir and classical orchestra. Watch here the video for the song of the #CoronaCare initiative, "Victoriam":