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7 Ways to Advertise Your Choir Beyond Social Media

Promote your choir events and increase membership with these advertising tricks

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Looking to promote your choir? Then you’re probably already on social media — that’s why we created this helpful guide for you. But there’s a lot more to promoting than posting on Facebook and Instagram. That’s why we are now going to show you the best ways to advertise your choir without social media.

These tips work whether you want to get new sign-ups for singers or are promoting your next performance.

1. Local Media

Believe it or not, lots of people still read the newspaper and listen to the radio. Even though use is on the decline, that doesn’t mean traditional local media doesn’t reach a lot of people.

Local media is likely to be very supportive, with sections of their publications and broadcasts devoted to community groups and events. This is a great opportunity to gain meaningful exposure to people in your community.

2. Network with Music and Cultural Organizations

Collaboration and community building work hand in hand. The more active and supportive you are to your local music and arts scene, the more it will help out your choir. This principle works in a lot of different directions.

Local music schools, cultural centers, and other music groups can be great organizations to start partnering with — increasing visibility for your choir. Their members might also include people interested in becoming singers, too!

3. Host Workshops and Open Rehearsals

Providing resources to the community is a great way to build name recognition and goodwill. It’s also typically a bit easier to get someone through the door if you are offering things for free at first.

Giving workshops and open rehearsals are powerful ways to drum up interest in what you are doing, and some of the people visiting are likely to want to connect with what you do on a long-term basis.

4. Design Flyers to Promote Your Choir

Flyers are a great way to get the word out on your choir the old-fashioned way. There are many places to distribute these — like music stores, schools, libraries, community centers, arts organizations, coffee shops, and local hangouts.

It’s direct and still highly effective, allowing you to reach out to people who might never find you on social media. Also, for the many people who aren’t on social media (or someone who is trying to quit), it might be the only way to find them.

5. Participate in Community and Charity Events

Most cities have a calendar of community and charity events that need live performances. Your choir could contribute to the event, benefit the cause, and increase its visibility. You’ll get exposure to a lot of people who aren’t necessarily thinking about going to choir events, so it’s always a good idea to make your music selection relevant to everybody!

Live performances like this are also a great way to get people to sign up for things like email lists and connect to your choir on social media.

6. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Small businesses are often looking for opportunities to sponsor or cross-promote, just like your choir is! And many towns and cities have some businesses that would have amazing crossover appeal with a local choir.

These businesses could provide a venue or free promotion. There are a lot of ways that they can help, so it’s just a matter of seeing what kind of companies exist in your community and coming up with ways to collaborate with them.

7. Create Merchandise

If you already have some supporters, creating merchandise is a fun way for them to show support, provide your choir with a little funding, and then passively promote your group as they wear your merchandise around town.

In general, there are many ways to dove tail fundraisers with promotion. These are wonderful chances to boost your budget and get the word out on your next event.

Thinking Outside of the Box

If you are trying to promote your choir beyond simply maintaining a strong social media presence, you’ll need to think a bit outside the box. But if you do, you’ll find that you can build strong word-of-mouth interest.

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