Muzemix, Belgium performing with choreography © Studi43

The Pros and Cons of Choir Choreography

Should your choir use choreography? Make sure you understand the pros and cons before you decide.

About Choir Singing

Choral music has a complicated relationship with choreography. In some cases, synchronized movements add a level of visual flair and outstanding complexity that makes audiences deeply engaged. But sometimes, it creates chaos that gets in the way of simply enjoying the voices.

Addressing the pros and cons of choir choreography gives us special insight into how choral music leaders can choose whether to add it or keep it out of their next performance.


Choir Choreography Pros


Visual Appeal and Performance

Choreography combined with choral singing can be absolutely stunning. It’s something that many choirs should try out at some point if only to see if they can do it. The added visual appeal and level of performance are phenomenal. And while it is often difficult, the extra razzle-dazzle is worth it!

Explore a Wider Range of Expression with Your Choir

Choreography gives your choir a much wider range of expression. It also means you can explore a wider range of musical styles and genres, particularly those that lend themselves to movement (like pop, folk, and musical theatre). This versatility can attract a broader audience and provide choirs with more opportunities for creative expression.

Teamwork and Unity

We are enormous supporters of building community through choir music, and when you add choreography to your performances, you greatly increase the amount of teamwork and unity involved. Singing together creates an aura of togetherness unlike anything else, and adding synchronized movement only benefits that feeling.

Leave a Lasting Impression

When you think back to the most impressive choir performances you’ve ever experienced, many of them were no doubt with choreography. That’s because the excitement and aesthetic sensation they add are extremely memorable. What choir doesn’t want to have that effect on the audience?

Competitive Edge

When you are in a highly competitive environment, like the World Choir Games, choreography can set your choir apart. Movements that are well-executed, dramatic, and effective can be exactly what your choir performance needs to go from great to extraordinary.


Choir Choreography Cons


More Rehearsal (a Lot More)

Rehearsal time is a precious thing. Many choirs would love to have more just to nail down the music, but once you add choreography, you’re going to increase your rehearsal needs — sometimes by a lot. Choirs with the resources and space to do this might find it a worthwhile choice, but if you are already struggling to rehearse enough, adding choreography is probably a bad idea.

Choirs Risk Changing Focus

If you are performing solemn or otherwise weighty choral pieces, it might be a bad idea to add in choreography. It could be seen as irreverent, distracting from the dignity of the music itself. Some judges will punish choirs for it. So before you decide to include choreography, it’s a good idea to consider what you want the focus of your performance to be.

Choreography Lowers Accessibility for Choristers

Not all bodies are capable of pulling off all choreography, so special consideration needs to be taken for accessibility. It might also present a limitation to your sign-ups if community members are expected to sing and perform the movements.

Vocal Performance Can Suffer

Timing singing with the breath can be difficult when standing still. Adding in movement, especially vigorous movement, will make breathing that much harder. It also can shift the attention of choristers from their notes to their steps. Depending on the average skill level of your choir, choreography might not be the best idea.

Added Concerns of Choreography for Choirs

Are you going to be on noisy, squeaky risers? Then, even a little movement could ruin a performance. For that reason, building in choreography requires taking a lot into consideration — and with so much to think about, it can be easy to lose track of crucial details.

Choosing if Choir Choreography Is Right For Your Next Performance

As we see above, choir choreography can be a great way to add excitement to your performances. But that’s not always the case. Some choirs are better off without it. The choice is up to you, but if you weigh the pros and cons above, you are well on your way to making the right decision.

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