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Upcoming Conference in Honor of Prof. Boris Tevlin’s 90th Birthday

"Ways of Developing Contemporary Choral Culture: Science, Performing, Pedagogy."

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Save the date! On October 1, 2021 comes the conference Ways of Developing Contemporary Choral Culture: Science, Performing, Pedagogy. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of B.G. Tevlin.

It’s a long title, but an exciting opportunity for visitors to learn about one of the giants of recent memory and the trends that will shape the future of choral singing. The conference will tie in new styles and techniques with the legacy of Prof. Boris Grigorevich Tevlin.

Prof. Boris Tevlin: A Giant of Choral Music

Prof. Boris Tevlin (1931 to 2012) is renowned for his long career as an influential director and forward thinker in choral music. While his long list of prominent positions and awards can’t be listed here, it’s worth considering some of the highlights.

He served as the choir director for the Moscow Youth and Student Choir for 40 years. Under his leadership, the group won vast acclaim around the world. Later, he founded the Chamber Choir of Moscow Conservatory, going on to capture more awards and recognition at choir festivals and international choir competitions.

Never resting, he went on to serve as the art director and a chief conductor of the Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir in 2008. Only a year before he passed, he became the Head of the Department of Contemporary Choral Conducting and Performing Art at the Moscow State Conservatory.

He’s also left behind a legacy of writing that continues to enrich our understanding of the art of choral singing.

Prof. Tevlin touched so many of our lives, and his former pupils now are leaders in their own right. In Russia and abroad, his influence is clear. He inspired choir singing to embrace new forms of music.

Always in close contact with INTERKULTUR president Günter Titsch, Prof. Tevlin was a prominent supporter of the Choral Olympic Movement, the World Choir Games. He understood the power of singing to bring cultures together and foster a diverse conversation. That’s why he participated in all-Russian and global competitions his entire career.

Because of his impact in our world, it’s fitting that Ways of Developing Contemporary Choral Culture will land on what would be the master’s 90th birthday.

The Conference

Hosted by the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory—as well as the Association of Folk and Choral Groups of the RMS and the Foundation for the Development of Creative Initiatives—the conference will touch on a wide array of topics that all connect to Prof. Tevlin’s work.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of Prof. Tevlin while progressing choral music. The conference promises to follow in his footsteps through collaboration and innovation. By engaging with contemporary music, a new generation of choral singers and directors are continuing the work of greats like Prof. Tevlin.

To attend, follow the instructions here. But make sure to send applications by September 15. If you do not read Russian, make sure to use the translate feature in your browser.

We can’t wait to see you there!