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Pedagogical proposals belong to INTERKULTUR since its beginnings. Many competitions include numerous opportunities for education. Choirs can seek advice in regard to their repertoires’` selection. With regard to the upcoming performances the international jury offers useful tipps and suggestions.

In connection with the festivals, INTERKULTUR has also arranged special educational projects. For many years there was a master class for conductors in connection with the Wernigerode festival. Most of the competitions include separate workshops for the choirs and the conductors. INTERKULTUR offers the participating choirs consultation by experts and so called Evaluation Performances. In the framework of the World Choir Games, there have always been series of seminars and workshops. The meetings of the WCG Council have also served as a conference on international choral matters with lectures and reports.

INTERKULTUR also arranges separate educational events. For many years there is an education system in China with regularly arranged seminar weeks for conductors. These seminars will continue in the future and also be spread to other countries. On numerous occasions INTERKULTUR has arranged meetings for conductors in different parts of the world, as well as visits by experts to individual choirs.

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Conductors Education System in China

Pedagogical proposals by INTERKULTUR for conductors in China

INTERKULTUR China presents the new Education System as a series of seminars, courses and master classes.

Conductors in China are regularly trained since 2002. Through the 4th and 6th World Choir Games, INTERKULTUR has made a serious effort to introduce international choral singing and choral styles to the strongly developing choral movement in China.

Workshops and seminars were arranged in several Chinese cities and INTERKULTUR experts visited many Chinese choirs for consultation and advice. This further education has been well received, so numerous of Chinese Choirs also take part on other international competitions and festivals of INTERKULTUR. There they use the opportunity to learn about how choral music is being performed throughout the world. The pedagogical proposals for Chinese conductors are further developed by INTERKULTUR´s expertise.

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The video offers a short insight how a workshop with the well-known composer Morten Lauridsen could be.

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