World Choir Council

Boys' choirs and (virtual) choir competitions

HELLO COUNCIL gives insights into the everyday life of boys' choirs and the Flemish choral scene

How can boys' choirs be motivated in rehearsals and better prepare for competitions? What distinguishes the Flemish choir scene? And what […]


What psychological effect has the pandemic on choral singers?

Research survey by the universities of Milan and Padua

It’s more than a year now that choir singers all over the world are not able to meet up regularly for rehearsals. A deep work on new choral […]

World Choir Council

A proactive return to the rehearsal room

Rachael Finnerty (Canada) speaks at the World Choir Council Regional Meeting

The members of the of the World Choir Council, INTERKULTUR’s highest international advisory body, addressed at the Regional Online Meetings […]

World Choir Council

How can we come back to choral life?

Expert discussion of the World Choir Council during the Regional Online Meetings

For far too long, it has been silent. The Corona pandemic silenced the choral world. Choir rehearsals could only take place on a limited […]

World Choir Council

A way back to safe choral singing

Tim Sharp supports "Join Your Voices" campaign of

This week we received good news from Dr. Tim Sharp, representatives of the United States in the World Choir Council: He joins noteablemask.c […]


Update on INTERKULTUR Events in 2021

Summer events to be rescheduled

Due to the ongoing worldwide restrictions with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and in order to ensure the health and safety of the […]

World Choir Council

"HELLO COUNCIL" makes its return for 2021

Musica Mundi Academy Pedagogical Actions continue

"Hello Council" is the series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR […]

World Choir Council

3 Golden Rules of Warming Up your choir

World Choir Council shares expertise with the choral world

In these difficult times, the choral world in particular has been hit hard by the Corona crisis. Choir rehearsals have had to be canceled, […]


Joe Biden: July 4 to mark independence from virus

Hope for a "back to normal life" in the United States

Good news from the United States: in his first primetime address as president, Joe Biden expressed his hope that July 4, which is […]


10 positive COVID updates from around the world

They still exist, the good news!

Are you in the need for some good news? This article collects 10 positive COVID updates from around the world. The perfect read to start the […]