Rebuilding a Choir After Quarantine

How to get back the voice and return to the stage better than ever

Thanks to the valiant efforts of researchers and health professionals, many of us are finally returning to the activities we’ve been missing […]

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Southeast Asia in the Choral Focus

INTERKULTUR Philippines announces cooperation with MUZIKSEA

Promoting choral music and singers throughout Southeast Asia is their common goal: With this aim in mind, the INTERKULTUR Center for Culture […]

World Choir Council

Global Extension of “Hello Council”

Experts from China and Korea Get Together to Discuss Choir Training Approach

"Hello Council" is a series of live talk and online pedagogical workshop organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and […]

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New partnership with Total Choir Resources

INTERKULTUR to collaborate with the No.1 resources for choir leaders

INTERKULTUR has just signed an exciting partnership with Total Choir Resources – an online home for choir leaders! Run by the two British […]


Update on INTERKULTUR Events scheduled for 2021

Worldwide pandemic still affects the Choral Calendar of this year

Due to the ongoing worldwide restrictions with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in order to ensure the health and safety of the […]


Dr. Hak-Won Yoon: A choral legend in Asia

Interview with the Honorary Artistic President of INTERKULTUR

The World Choir Games 2022 are being held in Gangneung, Korea. Prof. Hak-Won Yoon, one of the grand masters of Korean choir music, will have […]

World Choir Council

Boys' choirs and (virtual) choir competitions

HELLO COUNCIL gives insights into the everyday life of boys' choirs and the Flemish choral scene

How can boys' choirs be motivated in rehearsals and better prepare for competitions? What distinguishes the Flemish choir scene? And what […]


What psychological effect has the pandemic on choral singers?

Research survey by the universities of Milan and Padua

It’s more than a year now that choir singers all over the world are not able to meet up regularly for rehearsals. A deep work on new choral […]

World Choir Council

A proactive return to the rehearsal room

Rachael Finnerty (Canada) speaks at the World Choir Council Regional Meeting

The members of the of the World Choir Council, INTERKULTUR’s highest international advisory body, addressed at the Regional Online Meetings […]

World Choir Council

How can we come back to choral life?

Expert discussion of the World Choir Council during the Regional Online Meetings

For far too long, it has been silent. The Corona pandemic silenced the choral world. Choir rehearsals could only take place on a limited […]