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We are happy to celebrate our festival "Canta al Mar" in Calella and Barcelona already for the 10th time. Join us and enjoy a meeting of choirs from all over the world, where the joint singing in squares and in the streets of the city as well as experiencing the Catalan "joie de vivre" will compose the core of the festival.

Welcome to Calella!

Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR | Marc Buch i Rigola, Mayor of Calella

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"We were very pleased and pleased to meet interesting people from different countries in the world who share everything. It's music. It was indeed a successful festival and we hope to see you at other festivals."

Moshe Novotni, Tziporey Shir, Israel (Calella 2017)

"THANK YOU for such nice days at Calella with the other choirs! We had a great time with our children and we learned a lot from others."

Crescendo Arte Children's Choir, Colombia (Calella 2017)

"I enjoyed it very much: the friendship, the new contacts, the adjudication, the choirs, the hospitality and of course the perfect organization and hosting of INTERKULTUR."

Hans van den Brand, jury member, Netherlands (Calella 2017)

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Registration deadline: May 22, 2023

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3,5 kilometers of sandy beach, its location directly at the Mediterranean Sea and its proximity to Barcelona make Calella a popular European destination. During the choral festival singers can wonderfully make music, stroll and relax in the contemplative old town with its Catalan and Mediterranean charm. Since its 650 years of history Calella has developed from a small fishing village into a favoured resort of all nations and age groups. This mixture of modernity, hospitality and Catalan traditions add a special touch to Calella and thus make it an appealing travel destination.

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