Screenshot from "The Road" music video © INTERKULTUR

“The Road”: New choral composition supported by INTERKULTUR in China

Music video release with Shenzhen Middle School Jinzhong Youth Choir

At the beginning of 2019, INTERKULTUR China approved and supported the production of "The Road". "The Road" is a choral piece inspired by the 5 year anniversary of "The Belt and Road Initiative", created by Chinese young composer Xu Xin, composer Wu Zhuoxian from China/Hong Kong SAR, conductor Zhu Jinming and lyricist Jia Yi.

The song aims to build a colorful and meaningful road and unite choirs all around the world in music and friendship. During the Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg 2019 & 4th European Choir Games in Sweden (August 3-10), "The Road" will be introduced in order to celebrate international and intercultural friendship.

This first release of the piece, which was officially introduced in China in the beginning of March, was produced by Xiamen Zhongdingwen Culture and Media Company and Xiamen Shenhailan Studio and recorded by Shenzhen Middle School Jinzhong Youth Choir and their conductor Liu Mei.

INTERKULTUR China is giving the scores of the piece to interested Chinese choirs for non-commercial use. Please contact zhangxiaoyan(at) for all information.