André van der Merwe, South Africa © Studi43

Chinese conductor’s choir sings with André van der Merwe

6th International Master Class for choir conductors in the Guangdong Province

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From November 3-10, 2016 the South Africa choir conductor André van der Merwe was guest in the Guangdong Province for the 6th International Choir Conductors Master Class. The successful director of one of the world’s best amateur choirs, the Stellenbosch University Choir is well-suited for working with international choirs in a master class due to his great experiences as a juror, participant and clinician at many World Choir Games.

Together with the singers of Longgang Female Teacher’s Choir he rehearsed their chosen pieces for two hours and raised their awareness for emotions and color of their choral sound. They recited the lyrics, danced and learned to conceive the power of their own voice. André van der Merwe used many metaphors while working with the choir. The symbolization of the lyrics helped the Chinese group to understand the emotions of the pieces. His distinctive way of conducting – an ocean of flowing movements – was reflected by the choir’s singing step-by-step.

At the end of rehearsal André van der Merwe applauded to the teachers’ choir from Longgang and extended an invitation that has been met with enthusiasm by the choir: “You’ve got talent and you’re very expressional in your music. In 2018 the World Choir Games will be held in South Africa. Be welcome!”

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