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Competitions in Bad Ischl and Vienna

Singing between mountains and seas and in the European capital of music

Franz Schubert Choir Competition

INTERKULTUR offers competitions in most different destinations. Of course each competition is unique with its participants and experts from the whole world as well as special opportunities for education and participation. However, one venue should not go unnoticed: Bad Ischl in the beautiful Salzkammergut in Austria.

Well known as spa, the small town remembers on the romantic story of the princess Elisabeth of Bavaria and Emperor Franz Joseph I. from Austria. For 60 years Franz lingered each summer in the "Kaiservilla", a little summer residence surrounded by a large park. In Bad Ischl and its surroundings he was able to pursue his passion of hunting. Bad Ischl was the place, where he met his future empress. In 1853 the Emperor and the Princess Elisabeth (Sisi) of Bavaria became engaged in house no. 10, today home to the museum of the city of Bad Ischl.

The breathtaking landscape of the Salzkammergut Mountains and the crystal-clear lakes hold a special experience for everyone: Whether hiking on the summits or enjoying the cool water at the foot of the mountains and getting to know the pleasant townof  Bad Ischl. Everything is possible!
And on top of this you will face the musical variety of international choirs, sing in the breathtaking scenery, get to know new cultures, make friends and learn from popular choral experts. The International Choir Competition & Festival in Bad Ischl takes place for the 13th time from April 30 to May 4, 2016. The competition located in the picturesque countryside of the Salzkammergut has become one of the most important and greatest choral events in Austria. 

Following the International Choir Competition & Festival in Bad Ischl another INTERKULTUR event will take place that we highly recommend to join: the 30th International Franz-Schubert-Choir Competition Vienna invites choirs from all over the world to celebrate the festival of music in the Austrian capital.

In the event’s anniversary year the competition’s motto "Sing'n'Joy Vienna" calls choirs from all over the world to come together from May 4-8, 2016. The Sing'n'Joy concept focuses on the traditional Schubert competition but also features intercultural meetings and performances in Friendship Concerts.

Vienna is considered Europe’s capital of music, not least because popular composers of the Viennese classical music like Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven once lived there and made music history. More reasons to visit the multifaceted city are the many museums and public squares rich in history, such as the Castle Schönbrunn, the summer residence of the Empress Sisi. The Stephansdom, the Viennese Prater or the zoo Schönbrunn, which belong to the most important sights of the city.

Two competitions at two destinations, which could not be more different: Bad Ischl and Vienna. Currently the upper Austrian garden show (“Oberösterreichische Landesgartenschau") takes place in Bad Ischl makes it flourishing particularly beautiful. A few impressions give you a first insight:

Spa house (Kurhaus) Bad Ischl Bad Ischl's surroundings Vienna Skyline Vienna

The registration deadline for both competitions will end on December 14, 2015. Early Birds have the opportunity until Monday, September 28, 2015 to benefit from special  Early Bird discounts. More information on both events and the respective registration documents can be found on our website.