11 Reasons to go to Korea for the World Choir Games 2023

11 Reasons to go to Korea for the World Choir Games 2023

Why you should absolutely not miss this much-awaited edition of the World Choir Games

World Choir Games 2023

It’s official: the one-year countdown to the 2023 World Choir Games has now started and we couldn’t be more excited!

Gangneung in the Republic of Korea will host the 12th edition of the World Choir Games and it could not be a more perfect location for the greatest choir competition in the world.

Its immensely rich history of music - composed of a deep indigenous tradition as well as a diverse array of influences and cultural exchanges - makes South Korea the perfect meeting place for musicians, singers, and choristers.

But the reasons to travel to and sing in South Korea - and especially in Gangneung - go well beyond its music tradition: just to name a few, we collected eleven different ones!

From the international choir scene to the Olympic atmosphere, from the authentic K-pop and K-drama spots to delicious traditional food and world-famous coffee… continue reading to realize why you should absolutely not miss this much-awaited edition of the World Choir Games!

#1 Discover authentic spots of K-Pop and K-Drama

Do you love Korean Drama? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Yeongjinbeach in our host city Gangneung was a filming location for the famous Korean Drama “Goblin” (“Dokkaebi” in Korean).

And for the K-Pop lovers among you, you must already be aware that the legendary BTS Bus Stop from their album cover “You never walk alone” has been set up at Jumunjin Beach.

Two exciting selfie spots to visit while you’re attending the World Choir Games 2023!

#2 Learn new music from other choirs

For the first time since 2010, the World Choir Games are back in Asia this time.

In this way, choirs from all over Asia will have the chance to join the Games in their own continent and meet and listen to music from people from other countries and regions, while choirs from other parts of the world will have the opportunity to experience Asian culture and music first-hand!

#3 Have the chance to listen to YOUR national anthem at the Awards Ceremony

At the World Choir Games, choirs with the highest score and a Gold Medal in each category of The Champions Competition will become the CHAMPION OF THE WORLD CHOIR GAMES.

During the Awards Ceremony, where all choirs learn the results from the competition for the first time, the Champions will hear their national anthems while their national flags are raised, and there will be cheering, tears of joy, and happiness all around.

And since everybody is cheering for each other, you will be “immersed” in emotions, no matter who will become Champion of the World Choir Games 2023!

#4 Improve your score in the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

INTERKULTUR, organizer of the World Choir Games keeps the only World Rankings for choirs featuring the 1000 best choirs that participated in the INTERKULTUR events since the year 2000.

The World Choir Games is a great chance to improve your score since the result will be counted in with a higher factor than other INTERKULTUR competitions!

#5 Finally go on a choir trip again

Have you, too, missed the feeling of traveling and spending a great time with your choir in recent years? Of going back on stage and live all those unique emotions only singers truly know? Of making new, like-minded friends from all over the world and listening to fantastic choral music from other countries?

Many things are becoming possible again, so 2023 will be your year!

Start planning now and finally go on a trip with your choir again next year. And what could be a better event to restart your choir trips and meet other choirs than the World Choir Games, the largest international choir competition in the world?

#6 Get some real Olympic air and sing at fantastic venues

Watch the video below: can you breathe in the vibrant atmosphere, all the choirs’ excitement, and the notes of music spreading through the streets…?

At the World Choir Games, choirs have the opportunity to experience the unique and wonderful Olympic feeling that only this choral event in the world can transmit.

Get an impression:

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#7 Discover beautiful scenery in Gangneung

At the foot of the Taebaek and Odaesan mountains, Gangneung is a maritime city with several cultural and historical treasures, such as the folk festival Danoje (recognized by UNESCO).

It is also a young and dynamic place, with concerts, trendy coffees, surfing spots, etcetera.

The most captivating aspect of this city that you will notice upon your arrival will certainly be Gangneung’s astonishing scenery, with its long beaches with turquoise waters of the dazzling East Sea and the lush pine forests.

#8 Urban and Natural Beauty Coexist

South Korea is the epitome of an East Asian culture that hasn’t lost touch with its roots while going hand in hand with modernization and innovation.

You will see ancient temples right next to skyscrapers, the hustle, and bustle of cities contrasting with the calm and soothing nature and parks nearby.

You will also be able to experience ancient temples and cherry blossoms, neon lights, and skyscrapers, in this country of contrasts.

South Korea is a city where tradition and technology coexist and support each other.

#9 Enjoy delicious food (beyond Kimchi)!

South Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, seafood, and meats, while dairy is largely absent from the traditional Korean diet.

From the sweet syrupy pancakes “Hoeddeok” to the marinated beef barbecue “Bulgogi” and stir-fried “Japchae”: while travelling to Gangneung, you will be able to let yourself be amazed by the vast and delicious cuisine of this country, well beyond the world-famous fermented vegetables “Kimchi”.

#10 Try Gangneung’s famous (and delicious) coffee

Water in Gangneung has long been famous for its clean taste without any after-taste, and it was thanks to the clean water that the local tea culture became well-developed. The same is also true for coffee.

After coffee was first introduced to Korea, the local tea culture, rooted in the Silla period, transitioned into coffee culture. A group of coffee specialists even emerged in the city,  which helped produce a type of coffee unique to Gangneung and different from the coffee offered anywhere else!

The coffee-roasting culture spread very rapidly and it is no wonder Gangneung’s coffee, which is tasty and characterized by style and culture, has become so renowned!

Moreover, cafes became a popular spot for writers in the 1930s. Because a large number of writers were born and raised in Gangneung, its coffee culture blossomed earlier than in other regions.

You could say that Gangneung pioneered the coffee culture in Korea!

#11 You’ve been officially invited by record-breaker Gangnam Style author - Psy!

Choirs all over the world have been personally invited by one of the biggest South Korean celebrities: will you accept superstar Spy’s invitation?

Watch his video invitation on Facebook now!

These are our 11 main reasons to travel and sing at the World Choir Games in Gangneung 2023, and if you want to discover even more, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see weekly updates, behind-the-scenes, information, and more!

The official registration period for the World Choir Games ends on December 7, 2022, while the regular Early Bird discount will be available for registrations by September 14, 2022.

All details about participation and registration for the 12th World Choir Games Gangneung 2023 is available on the official event website:


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