Regional Meeting of the World Choir Council 1/2021 © INTERKULTUR

World Choir Council Regional Conference will be held in August

Chinese representatives gather on site in Chengdu, China at the same time.

World Choir Council

In the past 30 years, as the leader of international choral competitions and music festivals, INTERKULTUR has been committed to international cultural exchange and the development of choral culture and art through the "World Choir Events" all over the world. It provides a platform for peace loving people all over the world, especially young people, to create friendly interaction, exchange, learn, understand from each other.

The World Choir Council is the highest and voluntary international advisory body of INTERKULTUR and currently consists of nearly 130 international members representing over 90 regions and nations in this circle. It contributes to working with the INTERKULTUR for international cultural exchange under the banner of the "World Choir Events", giving suggestions for the continuous improvement and development of the world chorus level, and contributing to the realization of the idea of "Singing together brings nations together".

The most representative activities of the World Choir Council are the "World Choir Council General Meeting and World Choir Council Regional Meeting/Conference". Through regular or irregular conferences with distinctive themes, it will discuss, report, evaluate and propose choral development in the world and relevant problems that urgently need to be solved. The results of meetings will be used for exchange and learning among countries, in order to better promote the development of chorus music and culture around the world.

From August 25 to 26, 2021, the World Choir Council Regional Conference (including the Asia Pacific meeting, the Europe Africa meeting and the Americas meeting) will be held in the form of a combination of online and offline. About 130 representatives of the World Choir Council from 93 countries and regions are invited to attend the conference. During the conference, Chinese leaders of chorus music industry and Chinese representatives of the World Choir Council will gather in Chengdu, Sichuan and conduct in-depth discussions on the development and promotion of the "World Choir Events".