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World Choir Council - Advisory Board restructured

Basic foundations laid for further cooperation

World Choir Council

The World Choir Council (WCC) is the highest international advisory panel of INTERKULTUR in the field of choral music. By now, 124 representatives from 94 countries represent the colorful and diverse choral world in this circle and work for the strengthening and further development of the worldwide choral culture and music.

An important part of the World Choir Council, the Advisory Board, was newly appointed at the beginning of the year. The nine members from the different regions of the world are core members of the WCC and highly respected, experienced personalities of the choral world. They support the strategy and vision of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Events with their valuable experience in the artistic and organizational field and are actively committed to the development of the choral scene in their region as well as internationally.

On February 17, 2021, the first official online meeting of the international WCC Advisory Board took place in the new line-up under the leadership of Fred Sjöberg, Vice President of the World Choir Council and Senior Artistic Director of INTERKULTUR, together with Günter Titsch, President INTERKULTUR & WCC and Wang Qin, First Vice President INTERKULTUR & WCC. In this meeting the basic foundations were laid for further productive cooperation and planning of future activities and projects.

"We already started last year to further expand and deepen the work of the World Choir Council. Especially in the time of the Corona crisis, it has again become more than clear that we need to work together - as humanity, but also especially as the choral world. We are all united by our common passion for choral music, and international solidarity and exchange have only grown stronger as a result of the crisis. We want to take advantage of this sense of momentum and work together to strengthen choral culture worldwide. The reorganization of the Advisory Board is another important step, which has now been successfully implemented," says Fred Sjöberg.

The members of the Advisory Board consisting of long-time allies of INTERKULTUR World Choir Events as well as new, younger members of the choral world, combine a mix of broad experience and fresh motivation. "It is wonderful to see this group coming to new life and especially the new, younger members getting more involved and we can use our combined experience for the benefit of the choral world", expressed Steen Lindholm, WCC Representative Denmark and one of the longest active WCC members. The members of the Advisory Board will now increasingly work for the establishment and expansion of choral activities in their region and actively support the planning and implementation of various projects and activities of the World Choir Council.