(f.l.) Anatoly Pakhomov, Alexander Zhuravsky, Günter Titsch, Ralf Eisenbeiß © Roger Schmidt
Günter Titsch

Wonderful days of choral music are lying ahead

Opening Press Conference at the World Choir Games

On the occasion of the opening of the 9th World Choir Games 2016 the deputy minister of culture of the Russian Federation, Alexander Zhuravsky, Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov and INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch with the Artistic Director Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß informed the local and international press about the upcoming 10 days of international choral music.

Anatoly Pakhomov welcomed roughly 120 journalists from 40 different media and was delighted by the start of the event: “I am very pleased that the 9th World Choir Games are hosted by Russia, a country that has always been multiethnic and song-loving. It is at a serendipitous time that the Games have come to Sochi, a resort city with long traditions of choir singing. As far back as the ‘70s of the last century, the square by the Winter Theater hosted an annual festival of choir singing that attracted thousands of participants from all over the country and abroad. So as we open these Choir Games, we are also reviving that good and worthy tradition.” He invited all participants, Sochi residents and choral music lovers to join and enjoy the festival days.

Also Alexander Zhuravsky welcomed the organizer of the World Choir Games 2016 in the Olympic City of Sochi, expressed his thanks to INTERKULTUR and mentioned the long tradition of choral music in Russia which is also supported by President Vladimir Putin.

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch agreed with the previous speakers “Organizing the 9th World Choir Games, the Olympics of Choral Music in the Olympic City Sochi is a big joy for us. Our committee has chosen a city that has already shown at previous international events like the Olympic Winter Games 2014 that it is open-minded and warm-hearted, a city full of friendliness and harmony that will welcome the guests from home and abroad with open hearts!”

The World Choir Games 2016 were devoted to the slogan “Participation is the highest honor”, said Prof. Dr. Ralf Eisenbeiß, Artistic Director of the World Choir Games. A total of 450 choral performances could be heard during the next days, among them concerts from singers with a handicap like an Armenian choir with wheelchair users, a children choir with deaf members as well as a blind choir from China. Especially these choirs would be the proof that singing together is the universal language of the world, said Eisenbeiß.

The official opening ceremony takes place on July 6, 8:00 pm in the Bolshoy Ice Dome in the Sochi Olympic Park. More information about the World Choir Games 2016 and all events can be found at www.worldchoirgames.com