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Chorona Buseck e.V. wins a choir trip to Zwickau

Awarding of the winners of the hr4 choir competition

The first choir rehearsal after autumn break was a very special one for Chorona Buseck e.V.: In September the choir competed in the choir competition “Singt Euren Song” (engl. “Sing your song”) which was announced by the local radio station hr4. Their aim was to find “Hesse’s nicest choir”.

The audience voted and finally decided for Chorona Buseck e.V. to win the first prize: A choir trip to the 8th International Robert Schumann Choir Competition in Zwickau to be held in June 2018, donated by INTERKULTUR. On October 25 the official awarding took place during the choir’s first rehearsal after autumn break.

The Program Director of hr4 and hr1, Martin Lauer and Music Director Manfrend Staiger had come together with INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch and the Director of International Choral Networking, Gent Lazri. The choir’s conductor Thomas Kreiling and the singers were visibly proud to receive the prize and said thanks by performing some songs for their guests.

“Many thanks for this fantastic prize! We can’t wait to go to Zwickau”, the choir stated after the Awarding.

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(Photos: Roger Schmidt)

All those who would like to join Chorona Buseck e.V. at the choir competition in Zwickau still have the chance to register for the event until November 6, 2017. Follow this link for more information.