Choir singing on stage © Nolte Photography
World Choir Council

3 Golden Rules of Warming Up your choir

World Choir Council shares expertise with the choral world

In these difficult times, the choral world in particular has been hit hard by the Corona crisis. Choir rehearsals have had to be canceled, concerts and performances have been postponed, and singers have had to resort to virtual meetings. Even though virtual choir rehearsals can never replace the choir experience and the feeling of community, modern technologies do, however, offer us numerous new opportunities to work together and exchange ideas - even internationally.

The members of the World Choir Council (WCC), INTERKULTUR's highest international advisory body, are now using these digital opportunities to share their broad expertise with the choral world.

As part of the World Choir Council Video Project, a monthly educational video series under the umbrella of the Musica Mundi Academy, a number of WCC members offer interested choral conductors and singers expert input on a variety of topics. Current research in the choral arts, the latest techniques, and pedagogical methods are the focus of this project.

This month, Michael Barrett, a renowned choral conductor and WCC representative for South Africa, shares tips and exercises for choirs to warm up. He says, "Finding new ideas and ways to get back into rehearsal with your choir is crucial for the success of their performance because, among other things, it helps singers leave the stress of the outer world behind and focus on what's going on what is taking place inside the rehearsal room."

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