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“The ‘City of Friendship’ is waiting for you!”

Artistic Director invites choirs to join “Sing’n’Joy Bohol 2020”

Sing'n'Joy Bohol

Singing, celebrating and enjoying life – the new international choir festival & competition in Bohol, Philippines combines all pleasures of the "Sing'n'Joy" event series in a magnificent destination in Southeast Asia.

The Artistic Director of the Event, Joshibiah “Butch” de Juan, has written a personal invitation to choirs from all over the world to join "Sing'n'Joy Bohol" in October 2020, we’d like to share with you:

"Dear fellow choristers,

My hometown Tagbilaran City, the capital of the province of Bohol, bursts with colorful merriment during the summer months of April and May as the entire city holds the Saulog Tagbilaran. Now on its 7th year, the festival invites visitors and tourists to come and celebrate with us; afterall, Tagbilaran, the gateway to our eco-cultural heritage province, is also dubbed as the City of Friendship. “Saulog” means “celebration” in the Visayan language, and truly, the event offers a variety of activities week after week such as colorful dance parades, food festivals, cultural shows, and many more:

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The same people, who welcome visitors and tourists year after year, is opening their arms for all of us during the Philippine International Choir Competition Sing’n’Joy Bohol 2020. Can you imagine a colorful parade of choristers from several countries surrounded by our own colorful dancers and musicians marching towards the grand opening ceremony? Can you imagine the City of Friendship extending its hand to embrace each one of you? It would be a wonderful sight.

It is my honor to invite all choir singers from all over the world to visit our beautiful place and to participate in the upcoming SING`N`JOY BOHOL 2020. We look forward to welcoming you!"

Be part of it and visit beautiful Philippines! More information about “Sing’n’Joy Bohol 2020” is available here.