Main Hall of the Golden State Theatre

Monterey 2016: Back to the Roaring Twenties

The Golden State Theatre opens the doors for the choirs of the world

Golden State Choral Trophy

We are delighted to present the Golden State Theatre as one of the venues of the INTERKULTUR festival Golden State Choral Trophy, which will unite international choral music in Monterey from November 20-24, 2016.

Built in the Roaring Twenties on the Peninsula Monterey and opened as cinema and venue for live-acts in 1926, the Golden State Theatre belonged to the most beautiful and magnificent theaters of the surrounding area and was the definition of an opulent movie palace. With approximately 4,500 square meters the 'palace' should catch up with the biggest Californian cities.

The Golden State Theatre unites both, American architecture and a period of cultural history, where people from all social backgrounds went to a theater in order to live and enjoy the world of glamour, romantic and luxury even for one evening.

After decades of deterioration the theater has been faithfully restored to its former glory. A beautiful façade, a majestic lobby and around 1.600 velvet covered seats are reminiscent of former times' magic.

B.B. King, Bill Cosby, Willie Nelson, The Smothers Brothers – these are just some of the musicians which have recently graced the stage, contributing to the Theatre's exciting revival.

Velvet covered seats Beautiful Facade

Due to its modern sound system the Golden State Theatre is used not only as cinema but also serves today as venue for top-class cultural events and the INTERKULTUR festival Golden State Choral Trophy 2016.

In November the participating choirs of this INTERKULTUR choir competition will have the honor to make the beautiful structure resound with international choral music. The Golden State Theatre will be the perfect venue for the Grand Prize Competition as well as for the Award Ceremony.

All information regarding the festival Golden State Choral Trophy can be found on the event's website or on Facebook. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us directly through the request form – we are happy to assist!