Opening Concert in New Linz Cathedral (Mariendom)

Anton Bruckner’s „Mass no.1“opens choir competition Linz

International singers celebrate the composer’s famous work

Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival

Yesterday evening’s Opening Concert in the New Linz Cathedral (Mariendom) perfectly summed up the essence and atmosphere of the biannual International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival. The event is taking place in Anton Bruckner’s place of activity for the sixth time this year. The Mariendom – filled to capacity yesterday evening – provided the perfect setting to the concert. Its echo is impressing and adds a wonderful gravity to the music.

Choirs from different places in the world, like Norway, USA, Croatia and from the host country Austria performed in the first part of the concert. They mainly presented music from their home countries and thus gave an interesting insight in the respective choral tradition of their homes: The Austrian choir “Opera-Teens der Wiener Staatsoper” presented Bruckner’s “Locus Iste” – a must for each choir competition in Linz! The female choir Ženski Vokalni Sastav "Kušlec" from Croatia presented traditional songs from their home and Den Norske Studentersangforening from Norway impressed the audience with powerful, deep sounds from Northern Europe. The Florida College Chorus perfomed a traditional Gospel and thus brought the music from the United States to Linz.

The second part of the concert was dedicated to the event’s name patron Anton Bruckner, who lived and worked in Linz and surroundings for a major part of his life. Three choirs including Abbellimento (Czech Republic), Domchor Linz, choir of the Diocesan’s conservatory and the Domorchester Linz, went together on stage and performed the composer’s “Mass No.1”. This was a novum for the festival, since in previous years the opening program always included Bruckner’s “Te Deum”. The new program was well-received by audience and participants. Conductor and Domkapellmeister Mag. Josef Habringer was especially happy about Abbellimento’s participation. He said, they brought another impressive and new timbre to the soprano parts.

Competitions in various categories have already started. Until Saturday morning choirs will continue to perform and present their skills in front of an international jury. The best groups will be selected to perform in the Grand Prize Competition in the Brucknerhaus on Saturday evening. The winner will be awarded with the Anton Bruckner Choir Prize 2017 in the amount of 2000 €.

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