An overwhelming Gala Concert in Pohlheim

International choirs impressed the Hessian audience

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

On the occasion of the Opening Concert of the Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg on July 17, 2016 three international top-class choirs presented a fascinating concert program.

At the beginning the Girls’ Choir from Hungary was on stage the Volkshalle Watzenborn. Under the conduction of László Durányik the Aurin Girls‘ Choir presented choral works of well-known Hungarian composers, including Franz Liszt, Zoltán Kodály and Miklós Kocsár. It was a perfect start in the evening.

Following the first powerful listening experience the choir with the longest arrival at the choral festival entered the stage. Together with the conductor Marco Antonia Ugalde the students choir Staccato from Mexico presented demanding choral music with Latin American influences. Imitations of animal and nature sounds, rattles and vibrant formations let the audience in Watzenborn forget time and space. Mexico seemed to be almost close for a moment.

After a short break the audience was invited by eighth charming singers from the Czech Republic to a journey through different epochs. The vocal ensemble Gentlemen Singers started with works of the renaissance and Romanticism. This was followed by contemporary compositions that were written for the singer as well as a cappella arrangements of well-known pop songs, such as 'Love is in the Air'. Especially funny gestures during the last songs ensured an entertaining swan song of the concert.

The acclaimed concert with standing ovations of the Hessian audience was the perfect start of the Chorfest. Here you can see some impressions:


Gentlemen Singers © INTERKULTUR Aurin Girls' Choir & Staccato © INTERKULTUR Aurin Girls' Choir © INTERKULTUR Gentlemen Singers © INTERKULTUR Aurin Girls' Choir © INTERKULTUR Gentlemen Singers © INTERKULTUR Staccato © INTERKULTUR Staccato © INTERKULTUR Staccato © INTERKULTUR Aurin Girls' Choir © INTERKULTUR

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