Choral performance at the Grand Prix of Nations 2015 in Magdeburg

A competition on a high level

INTERKULTUR invites amateur choirs to the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017

Grand Prix of Nations

Following the great success of the 1st Grand Prix of Nations 2015 in Magdeburg, Germany, INTERKULTUR again invites singers from February 01-05, 2017 to a choir competition on a high artistic level. This time Berlin will be hosting the choir festival.

The Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017 is part of the Festival of Cultures 2017, initiated by the Berlin Radio Choir. Apart from the Berlin Radio Choir renowned orchestras from different parts of the world will be performing in the Berliner Philharmonie.

In 2015 the Grand Prix of Nations took place for the first time during the European Choir Games in Magdeburg (Germany). Amateur choirs from all over the world entered the stage there and the artistic level of the competitions proved to be very impressive.

What are the special features of this competition?

The Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017 offers choirs of all levels the possibility to perform on an international stage in the context of a peaceful and fair competition. The event is divided into an Open Competition and the Grand Prix of Nations. Choir will sing together and compete against each other in seven general and genre specific competition categories.

The Open Competition is addressed to international amateur choirs who want to gather valuable experiences in the context of an international competition and regardless of their current level of ability. This competition even offers the possibility to qualify for a competition of an advanced artistic level, the Grand Prix of Nations. For this purpose choirs have to reach an overall number of at least 23.00 points. On the basis of the MUSICA MUNDI evaluation system (30 point system) the accomplishments during the competition are being judged by an international jury.

Choirs participating in the Grand Prix of Nations have already gathered experience on international stages. These choirs qualify for the competition by participating successfully and with very good results in other international choir competitions and by receiving the confirmation by the Artistic Committee. Seven internationally renowned choral experts will be joining the event and judge the achievements of the choirs according to the INTERKULTUR World Choir Games evaluation system (100 point system).

Further information about the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017 can be found online and on the official Facebook fan page.

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