World Choir Games 2018

Today's highlights

Wednesday, July 11

Keen on experiencing traditions from other cultures? Then you are destined for category O26 – Folklore with accompaniment at the Aula Theatre at the University which starts at 11:00 and continues at 15:00. 14 choirs from 7 nations will compete on stage and give you a colourful and passionate performance of their home countries folklore.

Time for the darlings of the audience: Young Children’s Choirs (The Open Competition) will enter the stage at 10:30 and 15:00 at the ZK Matthews Great Hall (UNISA) with 12 groups from South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia and China.

This day is also devoted to Jazz and Gospel: See the 2014 Champion of Jazz, Dekoor Close Harmony from the Netherlands, and other award-winning groups at the Opera Theatre (State Theatre) at 11:00 (The Open Competition Gospel), at 11:45 (The Open Competition Jazz), at 15:30 (The Champions Competition Jazz) and at 20:00 (The Champions Competition Gospel).

Enjoy a fun open singing session with the conductor of the Eurovision Choir of the Year, Primož Kerštanj from Slowenia, at 11:00 at the NG Universiteitsoord.

And one last choral treat awaits your appearance: The Celebration Concert at the Aula Theatre at 19:30, which presents top-class choirs from Thailand, Norway, South Africa and the USA for your pleasure.

Further information is available at www.wcg2018.com. The complete competition program for today can be found here