A huge feedback about INTERKULTUR events

Being the leading organizer of major choral events INTERKULTUR is ranking first regarding international cultural exchanges.  This association is continuously being honoured for its global engagement in terms of culture, international understanding and pedagogics.  By organizing competitions, festivals and pedagogical offers INTERKULTUR creates a platform for an international exchange and a peaceful togetherness.  A lot of positive feedback, acknowledgements, greetings and awards testify to the success of this event concept.  


Choral events by INTERKULTUR, and especially the World Choir Games, always attract the attention of renowned personalities from the fields of politics and culture.  Many of them send greetings to the singers, buoying them up for their engagement for music, world peace and harmony.

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Barack Obama
Xi Jinping
Hu Jintao
Sha Zukang
Professor Dr. iur. Dr. hc. mult. Wilfried Bergmann
Mikhail Slavkin
Võ Phùng

"As a member of the jury, I could not help being continuously fascinated by the diversity of choral expression and the variety of repertoire.  This was a rare opportunity to open a window into the world of choral music."

Professor André de Quadros, juror, USA (2010)

"Thank you very much and congratulations on all the hard work and wonderful music you bring to the world even as far south as South Africa."

Letitia Burger, Akustika Chamber Singers, South Africa (2010)

"These major competitions are an excellent opportunity to improve my choir’s level of ability due to utmost personal motivation. We became category winners at the Federal Youth Singing a few weeks prior to Shaoxing and owe that in large part to the World Choir Games!"

Maria Fürntratt, conductor, Austria (2010)

"Music is the heart of harmony to the people of all over the world. The World Choir Games would be a great opportunity to all human beings to build friendship between all the human beings of the world."

Himalayan Choir and Festival Society Nepal, Nepal (2010)

"INTERKULTUR continues to bring out endless opportunities for choirs all over the world to showcase their talents and gain experience and exposure in the international choral scene. […]"

Ron Oñate, conductor, Philippines (2011)

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable, enriching and informative experience.  I really felt I had the chance to 'gel' with new colleagues and that I made many new friends as a result.  I continue with my own work now with new inspiration and enthusiasm."

Katie Thomas, juror, Great Britain (2014)

"It has been exhausting for all of us, but has been one of the most magical experiences we have had with the choir."

Barnsley Youth Choir, Great Britain (ECG & GPoN Magdeburg 2015)

"INTERKULTUR in cooperation with local and regional boards was able to attract 100 amateur choir and 3,700 participants from 35 countries to join the choral festival in Magdeburg. […] The choirs bring all the positive artistic and amicable contacts into the world, which will contribute to lovely memories of their stay in Magdeburg. […] There no doubt that the European Choir Games and the Grand Prix of Nations was an important contribution to our cultural life and an image benefit for our city, which is also a benefit for our tourism industry."

Lutz Trümper, Mayor of the city of Magdeburg, Germany (ECG & GPoN Magdeburg 2015)

"The World Choir Games offer unique musical and cultural experiences and in the evaluation of competitions, workshops and further educational activities a professional international expertise at the highest level."

nmz – Neue Musikzeitung, 2016-06-21

“We have known each other for many years and I've lived, choral competition after choral competition, the relentless growth of INTERKULTUR and the enormous efforts you have made to offer choirs from around the world the opportunity to meet in the sign of choral music and to live the wonderful experience to sing together. Through INTERKULTUR you have been able to create a reality that has no equal in the world.”

Giovanni Acciai, Italy

"Running such an event organizationally, substantially and artistically testifies long-standing experience, professional expertise and great management. Once again: my respect and my appreciation for this accomplishment. Congratulations!"

Hans-Peter Schurz, Germany

“Thank you for the wonderful support and organization in Riga. These WCG will stick in one’s memory. Such Games in a country where singing is a basic food will be unforgettable. I’m happy and grateful that I was able to be a small part of this event. “

Jürgen Budday, Germany

“I want to thank you for the wonderful Choir Games, for the blessing atmosphere, for the opportunity to present oneself that you have given to the city of Magdeburg! For me it was days full of joy, excitement, getting to know each other, taking into ones’ hearts, full of emotions…”

Judith Zadek, Zadek Management and Strategy GmbH, Germany (ECG & GPoN Magdeburg 2015)

"Due to the World Choir Games the Graz Summer of Events 2008 will stay not only in my memory but will also occupy an important place in our city’s collective memory. The roughly 20,000 singers that cheered up and animated Graz during these World Choir Games burned themselves in to the Graz residents ‘hearts in a positive sense through their musical performances and their joyful and colorful appearance."

Mag. Siegfried Nagl, Mayor of the city of Graz, Austria

„You just have to witness this; it’s an abiding experience, as I can tell you first-hand.”

Peter Gaffert, Mayor of the city of Wernigerode

“We are happy to be participants of INTERKULTUR events. In this regard I would say your events give people opportunities to not only share their cultures, but to see what makes each country unique.”

Children's Choir "Alye Parusa", Russia (WCG Sochi 2016)

“You can unite nations through the art of music, and especially singing."

André van der Merwe, Stellenbosch University Choir, South Africa

"Everybody in Kalamata talking about your music competition. It was a big success!!!!!! I would like to thank you for the cooperation from my side. I hope you be satisfied with our services and we hope to a future cooperation. "

Maria Maniati, Outbound Group Sales (Kalamata 2015)

“I am so happy about this! Many brilliant choirs in South Africa who could NEVER afford to travel internationally will now get a chance to compete, take part, share, exchange ideas and be involved in the biggest choral spectacle on Earth. Well done, INTERKULTUR!”

Bernard Krüger, Drakensberg Boys Choir, South Africa (WCG Tshwane 2018)

“It was a fantastic experience to be an adjudicator on the WCG in Riga! Great city, fantastic organizing team :)), superb choirs - so thank you very much for the invitation! I always participate with big pleasure on such great choir competitions!”

Gyönggyösi Levente, juror, Hungary (WCG Riga 2014)

„A great success for the Jazz choir at Cologne University: The singers were awarded a Gold Medal at the World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia. […] The ensemble and their conductor Dietrich Thomas are full of joy: ‚It’s a huge success and reward for our intense rehearsal and concert work and exceeded all expectations.”

Report-k.de, Köln, 2016-07-20

“Yes, Riga was amazing! Quite an experience like no other. I was very impressed with the quality of the organization and the attention to detail - good German preciseness!”

North-West University PUK Choir, South Africa (WCG Riga 2014)

“Just in a few hours we will be on our way home... We are taking our vags full of happiness and joy! Thank you all for the opportunity to be here speaking all the same language: music!!!”

Crescendo Arte Choirs, Colombia (WCG Riga 2014)

"Meeting new people, exchanging experiences and sharing something we all love – that is what for me INTERKULTUR and its events are all about."

Jelena Dobrota, Female Chamber Choir "Banjalucanke", Bosnia and Herzegowina

“What a wonderful event and what a wonderful time we had! And on top of that to have been a category winner was just amazing! My students are still talking about it and I know they will continue to do so for years to come! We will definitely be participating in future events and look forward to working with you more in the future. This has definitely been a great experience!”

James Reddan, Linn-Benton Community College Choirs, USA (WCG Riga 2014)

“It was a wonderful event and and I was happy to be a part of it, to meet you all once again, and to make new friends as well. The INTERKULTUR staff were in top form as usual, and the choirs were on the most part quite amazing!”

Aharon Harlap, juror, Israel (WCG Riga 2014)

"Please let me tell you again how wonderful it has been to work with all of you this year! As the pictures prove, the students had a fantastic time and were very happy with the festival overall! I so appreciate the organization, panel of judges, and welcoming atmosphere of the competition and this kind of festival is such an incredible learning experience for our students!"

Roane State Community College Choirs, USA (Málaga 2015)

"It is no exaggeration to say that these days with you all have been a real massage for my soul and a source of inspiration. Congratulations for the work done and your effectiveness throughout. "

Oscar Boada, juror, Spain (Calella 2014)

"I feel very grateful and honored for being member of this incredible working team. I'm sure that the next two years, in the way of the 10th World Choir Games and 30th INTERKULTUR anniversary, will be full of successfully events."

Daniel Garavano, juror, Argentinia (WCG Sochi 2016)

"There is no other choral gathering like it in the world which can compare that brings together singers with such an enormous spirit of great joy and collegiality."

Robert Cooper. juror, Nigeria (WCG Sochi 2016)

"I am proud to be one of the old friends of INTERKULTUR, - I believe that our cooperation already started in 1990 - and I was always glad to see how the organization has developed. I'm always happy to participate as a jury member."

Steen Lindholm, juror, Denmark (WCG Sochi 2016)

"It has been a real pleasure for me to underscore with the attendees the global importance of the work you and all at INTERKULTUR have done and are doing."

Morten Lauridsen, Honorary Artistic President, USA


Important people and institutions from politics and culture consistently appreciate the work of INTERKULTUR and pay tribute to it by awarding relevant distinctions. A selection has been compiled on these pages.

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