International Choir Competition Phnom Penh

May 29 - June 2, 2024 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Song & Smiles, Phnom Penh Shines!

Welcome to the first-ever International Choir Competition Phnom Penh, where the power of music harmonizes with the warmth of Cambodia's legendary smiles.

Phnom Penh, with its evolving skyline, modern hotels, trendy restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, paints a portrait of a city unceasingly reinventing itself.

From Wat Phnom where the capital has drawn its roots to Koh Pich, the local "Manhattan", through the old European quarter dating from the French protectorate, the past is linked to the present and delivers the contrasts of a metropolis in full evolution.

Remarkable venues throughout the city will provide choirs great conditions to shine on stage. The choir competition will feature a diverse range of categories, ensuring that each choir can participate based on their unique repertoire and performance level.

Join us in this harmonious celebration where Songs & Smiles converge and let Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh illuminate your choral journey. Against the backdrop of a city that embodies both its rich history and a future full of promise, your choir's performance will resonate with the spirit of a city that shines on every note.


Günter Titsch | President INTERKULTUR
Dr. Phoeurng Sackona | Minister of Culture and Fine Arts

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Participation opportunities

This event provides you the opportunity to choose from the following options of participation:

Non-competitive participation Competitive participation
Festival participation** Competition categories*
Evaluation performance* Evaluation performance*

friendship concert performance included

* at least two performances included

Evaluation Performances
Workshop with Peder Karlsson
Friendship Concerts
Grand Prize Competition

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A mixture of Asian exotica, the famous Cambodian hospitality awaits visitors to the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Situated at the confluence of three great rivers, the ‘four arms’ of the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac, form right in front of the Royal Palace. Phnom Penh is the commercial, political and cultural hub of the Kingdom and is home to over one million of the country’s estimated 11.4 million people. It is also the gateway to an exotic land….the world heritage site, the largest religious complex in the world, the temples of Angkor in the west, the beaches of the southern coast and the ethnic minorities of the northeastern provinces.

The city offers several cultural and historical attractions including the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and the National Museum. There are also a wide variety of services including five star hotels and budget guest houses, fine international dining, sidewalk noodle shops, neighborhood pubs, international discos and more.

Уведомление о конфиденциальности

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