Opening Concert of Vox Lucensis © INTERKULTUR

Second edition of VOX LUCENSIS begins in Lucca

21 choirs from 13 nations come together to celebrate choral music and foster friendships

Vox Lucensis - Concorso Corale Internazionale

The International Choir Competition "VOX LUCENSIS" commenced its second edition with a captivating Opening Concert at the Chiesa di San Paolino.

In his opening speech Artistic director Maestro Giovanni Acciai stressed the meaning of this event as a celebration of international peace and humanity: “We would like to dedicate this concert to all people suffering the brutality of war in every part of the world. And we do it in a church since churches are places full of symbolism and spirituality, where the experience of singing becomes even more intimate and profound.”

In this sense, the INTERKULTUR motto of "Singing together brings Nations together," resonated throughout the event, especiall when all choirs started to sing together the hymn for peace “Dona Nobis Pacem”. Further, they performed together "Vox Lucensis" by local composer Saverio Rapezzi. Conducted by Maestro Acciai, the united voices of all participating choirs created a powerful and moving experience, symbolizing their commitment to spreading peace and unity through music.

During the concert, four choirs from different countries delivered remarkable performances. Vokalna Skupina Radost, an all-female ensemble from Godovič, Slovenia, showcased their talent with traditional Slovenian songs and a piece by Ludovico Grossi da Viadana.

Akateeminen Mieskuoro Psaldo, a male choir from Helsinki, Finland, mesmerized the audience with Jean Sibelius' "Sydämeni laulu" and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's "Beati Mortui."

Brunnsbo Musikklasser, a youth choir from Gothenburg, Sweden, enchanted everyone with their renditions of Bengt Ollén's "I denna ljuva sommartid" and Ben Pasek and Justin Paul's "A Million Dreams."

Consonus Vocalensemble, representing Switzerland, delivered a captivating performance of Gion Balzer Casanova's "La sera sper il lag" and Robert H. Young's "Tenebrae factae sunt."

The opening concert of VOX LUCENSIS marked a fantastic start to four upcoming days of choral  music and international understanding. It exemplified the power of choral music in bringing nations together, promoting peace, and nurturing a sense of global community. As the competition continues, the spirit of unity and shared love for music will undoubtedly inspire participants and audiences alike.

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