Happy New Year © INTERKULTUR China

"The World of Voices” Online Concert on Lunar New Year

Video release on INTERKULTUR.TV on February 12


On the occasion of the arrival of the New Lunar New Year – the Year of the Ox in 2021 – INTERKULTUR has produced a "The World of Voices" 2021 New Year Celebration Concert for choral music lovers in China and around the world.

The New Year’s Concert was planned and produced by INTERKULTUR China together with the team in the German headquarter of INTERKULTUR. They were supported by the China Chorus Association and Chinese Musicians Association Chorus Union.

A total of 22 choirs contributed to the concert: Eight of them had registered for the 2nd INTERKULTUR Video Award 2020 and present their varied and colorful vocal works. In addition, the two refreshing winner videos of the second INTERKULTUR Video Award are also included in the concert. Furthermore, seven Chinese members of the World Choir Council, including Wu Lingfen, Meng Dapeng, Chen Guanghui, Tian Xiaobao, Yang Li, Liu Mingyan and Johnny Ku, have contributed and will present a selection of their heartwarming pieces in the New Year's Concert.

Besides, Professor Zheng Xiaoying, Honorary Artistic President of INTERKULTUR and World Choir Games, a famous conductor, shares a piece of Yellow River Cantata, the “Boatman's Song” with the choristers and thus sends a very special greeting to with the best wishes for the New Year to the audience.

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch as well as INTERKULTUR First Vice President and General Director of INTERKULTUR China, Wang Qin take the opportunity to send their greetings to the people in China, in Asia and all over the world on the occasion of their New Year celebrations: "Especially in these unusual times, we wish you good health, confidence and much success in 2021! May this New Year be filled with happiness, prosperity and many precious moments in your lives".

With a total length of more than 80 minutes, the Online Choir Concert will be released on February 12, the first day of Chinese New Year on INTERKULTUR.TV, the INTERKULTUR Facebook channel, as well as the Chinese platforms Tencent, Sina, Sohu and WeChat.

Screenshot from New Year's Online Concert © INTERKULTUR China © INTERKULTUR.TV