Our plan of action and flexibility

Commitment and responsibility towards the international choral scene

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust in these uncertain times! INTERKULTUR's commitment and our responsibility towards the international choral scene have never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to our commitment to already registered choirs, free cancellation options as well as a postponement of our registration dates for INTERKULTUR events in fall, we're trying to offer the most possible action and flexibility and to adapt the preparation for our future events to the existing situation in the best manner: 

Our plan of action
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have formed crisis response teams and work every day to adapt the security concepts of our events. All of our event partners were comprehensively informed about important preparatory and preventive measures. These range from hygiene measures including an increased cleaning and disinfection frequency to the different guidelines of the local authorities.

Our flexibility
The INTERKULTUR team is currently in remote working as well. Thanks to many years of experience in various events worldwide, all of our colleagues have fully functional remote work opportunities and are available to answer your questions from everywhere. Flexible dates apply to all program details, sheet music and other registration documents that choirs must send to INTERKULTUR at these days. All ensembles concerned can contact directly their contact persons at INTERKULTUR to find the best solution for them.

Thank you for your ongoing trust in good times and especially in these particularly challenging times!