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#WCG2018 - Meet the Jury

10 questions with Myguel Santos e Castro (Portugal)

World Choir Games 2018

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Renowned choral experts from 28 different nations are going to evaluate the competition performances at the World Choir Games 2018 in Tshwane, South Africa. Time to learn more about them!

10 questions with Myguel Santos e Castro (Portugal)

Myguel Santos e Castro studied choral conducting at the music academy Academia de Amadores de Música in Lisbon. His choral activities such as radio, TV and cinematic projects led him to numerous countries worldwide (e.g. France, Mexico, Japan, USA, Estonia) and he is often invited to conferences and classes at schools and universities. As the founder of the choral project VOX LACI more than 20 years ago he can look back to a successful development of his choral project which currently comprehends 4 different choral groups.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration in life?

There are so many WHO`S , so many brilliant people in history and nowadays, so i will just say WHAT. Why wouldn’t i be inspired just looking around myself and feeling blessed with one more day in LIFE.

What would you be doing today, if you were not in choral music?

I think I would have been the streets saying to the people “You are beautiful” and giving free hugs.

When did you last sing?

I would say this morning in the shower, but in a formal way on stage and with audience …a long time ago. Probably it’s why I became a choral leader...

What is the best (and funniest) story to tell from your choral life?

The story that strokes me suddenly is not so funny…but many times, more often that i wished, i questioned myself :”Is this what you should be doing and keep on doing?” I remember a long time ago in one of the masterclasses i attended when I was young(er) there was a teacher that the first minute he looked to me he made me feel that i was the worst student he ever had. For 10 (long) days i cried, screamed and thinking quitting music and “plant potatoes”… i was perplex for i didn’t know why was that teacher treating me so badly. All my colleagues weren’t understanding what was happened…for 7 days i raised my hand to answer to questions that the teacher asked to the class and never was called even when i was the only hand standing…by the 8th day i decided “ enough” so stopped participating actively and just listened for the last 3 days. At the last day, 3 students had to be chosen to represent the class at the final concert. He called the 1st name…then the second…and then Mine. I stood up, stared him and asked him “Did you said my name or this is one of your sarcastic ideas? For 10 day I’ve been participating and for you i wasn’t in the class. Why that? Why this now? “ I he replied: “i didn’t like you and wanted you to quit” On that day I learned 2 things: what’s a Bad teacher and that I don’t quit.

Which song never fails to move you?

Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei, Op.11

With whom would you like to sing a duet once in your life?

Elvis Presley in the next life.

What is the greatest piece of choral literature that has ever been written?

I love Lux Aeterna Ligeti.

Acting as adjudicator at choir competitions, what is your main focus of evaluation?

All the notes must be in the performance…but what im looking is which is the positive and changing impact they gonna give to every moment

What is your personal advice to choirs/conductors competing at the World Choir Games?

Don’t worry about being better that the other choirs, but doing better today that you did yesterday.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

In my opinion No talent is useless, is a gift . so i tried to put my gifts in service of the others. Probably the gift and taken i should use more…would be Laughing uncontrollably.