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European Choir Games 2017

Statements from the German choral scene

Jazzchor Freiburg competes at Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017

On July 22 the Jazzchor Freiburg represents Germany at the premiere of “Eurovision Choir of the Year” in Arena Riga. The German choral scene is thrilled by this new TV show and keeps its fingers crossed for the Jazzchor:

"Choral music currently experiences a cutural revival. Withdrawing from the old-fashioned image of church choirs and traditional choirs more and more fantastic young ensembles stand out, who perform a modern repertoire with an unbelievable energy and joie de vivre. And the audience loves it! Thus no one is amazed that now the Eurovision also notices that. Riga, we are coming! The Jazzchor Freiburg, with its wonderful fresh sound and utmost musical precision at the same time, raises the bar. TOI TOI TOI!“
Felix Powroslo, Coach of Presentation, Berlin

"I had the great pleasure to experience the Jazzchor Freiburg live for the first time in the sold-out Funkhaus in Bremen last December and it was a real experience. The choir impresses with musical precision, a wonderful sound framed by an extremely charming and entertaining presentation. I used this as an opportunity to organize an own concert with the choir in Hamburg. The a cappella program is a real joy and rightly this choir represents the German choral scene in Riga. I wish Bertrand and his singers a lot of fun and success. Bring the house down!"
Alex Grimm (Kulturwerkstatt Hamburg)

"Go and snatch singing together from its outmoded past! Everybody can sing? Not a bit of it! A cappella is a supreme discipline. This kind of making music needs good role models first and attention afterwards. First job is done, now we’re taking care of the second one together. We think of you in Riga and keep our fingers crossed."
Richard Leisegang, Bass singer at VocalBand Unduzo 

"Music and Television were not always a successful combination. But Herbert von Karajan has broken the spell. And this is where Bertrand Gröger and the Jazzchor Freiburg continue now. I wish you all the best afar and good luck with the jury."
Stefan Kalmer Conductor VoicesInTime, Munich

"Yippie, a Eurovision competition for choirs. This promises to be much more exciting than the Eurovision Song Contest, which is frozen in the boredom of uniformity. Jazzchor Freiburg, that not only has invented choral singing in Germany 25 years ago, but since then has also constantly been reinventing itself gives us the best chance for the title. Toi, toi, toi."
Oliver Gies, arranger and bariton of Maybebop, Hannover

“’Without music, life would be mistake,’ who doesn’t know this Nietzsche quotation? Especially being a musician oneself. Singing not only is a high-level form of musicality, singing in a choir makes you joyful and happy. This is what the Frankfurt choirs experience in a variety of ways. The new European competition will surely help to highlight this feeling in a singing and sounding way. The Frankfurter Singakademie wishes the Jazzchor Freiburg a lot of success and joy.”
Ulrich Schimmelpfennig, Frankfurter Singakademie, on behalf of the board

“Eurovision Choir of the year is an exciting new format! Fellows, set the bar high. We’re looking forward to a sequel within the next years!”
Hans-Joachim Lustig, conductor of Chorknaben Uetersen, SONUX Ensemble and Kammerchor I Vocalisti

“People singing in choirs and setting an example for a vivid European culture like it happens in Riga have my full sympathy. For me, the message of especially young people against resignation and stagnation is more important than any ranking. Nevertheless I wish Jazzchor Freiburg good luck for the competition.”
Andre Zalbertus, Dusseldorf, Social Media expert and choir enthusiast

“It would be absolutely fantastic, if the constantly growing choral scene in Europe got a bit more media presence. I think that 2.5 million active members in German Choral Associations alone should be a relevant target group. Even if a national pre-competition would be still better for such an event: With Jazzchor Freiburg Germany will be represented probably by the best jazz choir our country has to offer!”
Martin Seiler, choir conductor of “Greg is back”, choir coach

“We can clearly feel the development of recovery and new discovery of the joy of singing in our society. The Eurovision choir competition contributes to perceive this trend in the public at large. We can be proud of our Jazzchor Freiburg that represents Germany with its special verve in Riga. I wish the singers and their conductor – who are very committed in youth empowerment – much joy and success.”
Sibylle Wagner, choir director, Bonn

Eurovision Choir of the Year is a new format in the Eurovision event family led by the Eurovision Song Contest. Its first edition will be held in Riga on July 22 and be broadcasted in nine European countries. More information at www.eurovisionchoir.tv.