Parade of Nations in Riga © Studi43
European Choir Games 2017

Final sprint for Riga!

Registration still open until February 20

Riga: European Capital of Culture 2014, European Region of Gastronomy 2017, Paris of the North, Pearl of the Baltic Region and from July 16-23, 2017 it will be even the European Choir Capital.

Choirs from all corners of the world will meet then to compete at the Grand Prix of Nations & 3rd European Choir Games and celebrate a huge and colorful feast of international choral music.

As the “Singing Nation” Latvia is the perfect host for an event of this dimension and a perfect destination for all choral singers of the world. Many groups have already registered, having a look at this world map shows that almost each continent will be represented in Riga:

World Map of Participants - Riga 2017

Click here for the original Google Map. 

You still got the chance to be part of it. Registration for the Grand Prix of Nations & 3rd European Choir Games is still possible until February 20. All information can be found here.