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European Choir Games 2017

Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017: Competition Program

Check out the pieces choirs are going to perform on Saturday

The premiere of Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017 on July 22 is just around the corner. Meanwhile the competition program of the participating choir has been announced and is promising a fantastic, high-level evening of choral music. 

Austria (ORF): Hard-Chor, conducted by Alexander Koller

Ave Maria (Music: Anton Bruckner)
I Do What I Want (Traditional music and lyrics)
Vegetables, No. 3 Rah! (Music: John Muehleisen / Lyrics: Joanne Gunnerson)

Belgium (RTBTF): Les Pastoureaux, conducted by Philippe Favette

In the Troop (Music and lyrics: Raphaël Passaquet)
Together (Music and lyrics: Pierre Rapsat, arr. by Philippe Favette)

Denmark (DR): Akademisk Kor Århus, conducted by Ole Faurschou

In the Seraglio Garden (Music: Wilhelm Stenhammar / Lyrics: J.P. Jacobsen)
Like a Child: I. Lullaby (Music: Per Nørgård / Lyrics: Adolph Wölfli)

Estonia (ERR): Estonian Television Girls’ Choir, conducted by Aarne Saluveer

Absolute Tormis - a collage of six pieces by Veljo Tormis (Music: Veljo Tormis / Lyrics: Viivi Luik)

Germany (WDR/SWR): Jazzchor Freiburg, conducted by Bertrand Gröger

African Call (Music and lyrics by Klaus Frech and Bertrand Gröger)
Palette (Music and lyrics: Roger Treece)

Hungary (MTVA): Béla Bartók Male Choir, conducted by Prof. Dr. Lakner Tamás

Songs from Karad (Music: Zoltán Kodály / Lyrics: Traditional)

Latvia (LTV): Girls’ Choir Spīgo, conducted by Līga Celma-Kursiete

A Resplendent Sun in the Sky (Music: Raimonds Pauls / Lyrics: Inese Zandere)
I’m a Daughter of a Gypsy (Traditional music and lyrics, arr. by Līga Celma-Kursiete)

Slovenia (RTV): Carmen Manet, conducted by Primož Kerštanj

Scarf (Music: Katarina Pustinek Rakar / Lyrics: Traditional)
And So We Dance in Resia (Music: Samo Vovk / Lyrics: Samo Vovk, Ljoba Jenče, Matej Šekli, Barbara Grahor, Silvana Paletti)

Wales (S4C): Côr Merched Sir Gâr, conducted by Islwyn Evans

O, Mountain, O (Music: Otmar Mácha / Lyrics: Traditional)
Mil harddach (Traditional Welsh Lullaby) (Traditional music and lyrics / arr. by Islwyn Evans)
Wade in the Water (Arranged by Norman Luboff, adapted by Islwyn Evans)

More information about Eurovision Choir of the Year can be found here