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"Hello Council" Special Show: Greetings to the World Choir Games!

Mehr als 2100 chinesische Teilnehmende verfolgen den Livestream

World Choir Council

To celebrate the grand opening of the 12th World Choir Games in Gangneung, South Korea in 2023, and look forward to the 13th World Choir Games in Auckland, New Zealand in 2024, 2023 WCC Forum (Asia-Pacifice&China) & "Greetings to the World Choir Games" Special Talk Show was organized by INTERKULTUR China under the support of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Council.

This special show came on live on June 16 with seven World Choir Council representatives from China, South Korea and New Zealand as guest speakers: Mr. Chen Guanghui (China), Mr. Meng Dapeng (China), Prof. Tian Xiaobao (China), Prof. Wu Lingfen (China), Prof. Yang Li (China), Prof. Shin-Hwa Park (South Korea) and Mr. John Rosser (New Zealand).

Under the chairmanship of Mr. Johan Rooze, Artist Director of INTERKULTUR, and Ms. Iris Huting, Project Director, we reviewed the unforgettable moments of all previous World Choir Games, discussed the impact of World Choir Events on the development of Chinese and foreign culture exchanges, and provided suggestions for the Chinese choirs. More than 2100 Chinese audience participated in the live broadcast, and more than 10,000 people watched the review video.

"Through the ten years of Hunan Zhiqing Art Troupe's participation in the World Choir Games, we can see the positive effect of World Choir Events on the growth and development of Chinese choirs." Mr. Chen Guanghui said, "The choir has continuously improved the artistic standard under MUSICA MUNDI Evaluation System to enhance its own artistic level, and achieved growth in the experience of the World Choir Games."

In this live, Prof. Shin-Hwa Park, Artistic Director of the World Choir Games2023, introduced the current development of Korean choral music, "More than 200 Korean choirs will participate in the World Choir Games2023, and I believe it will be an important turning point in enhancing the popularity of choral music and revitalizing the Korean choral industry. Welcome to Gangneung!"

In order to encourage more Chinese choirs to participate in, we have a live bonus for the participants of the World Choir Games 2024 with nearly 100 Chinese choirs completing their pre-registration during the live. Artistic & Games Director Mr. John Rosser also extended a sincere invitation to the audience: "Welcome to New Zealand to share choral wisdom and expertise, and of course to sing wonderful music together!"

Greetings to the World Choir Games!

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