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How South African choirs inspire choral singers from around the world

South African choirs are a source of inspiration and energy for everyone at the World Choir Games

World Choir Games 2023

Located at the tip of the world’s largest continent, South Africa is a country of diverse cultural history and music. Africa is the cradle of humanity, and the World Choir Games without South African choirs would be lacking in the robust culture and history of all choirs.

INTERKULTUR is hosting the World Choir Games again in 2023, and South African choirs are encouraged to join in. The games are not the same without the incredible talents of choral singers from South Africa.

South African choirs are some of the most enthusiastic in the world, and the energy stems from the intense love of music all South Africans have. The World Choir Games is an excellent opportunity for the choirs of South Africa to show off their talents and share their culture and experience with other choral singing groups.

Music in South Africa

Music is an essential part of culture in South Africa. The southernmost of Africa is home to many indigenous groups and choral singing has been part of the culture for centuries. The musical history of South Africa is enmeshed with the history of the country and combines the influences of Western culture with indigenous culture.

Every indigenous group of South Africa has their own style of music, and South African choirs use events like the World Choir Games to showcase the various singing styles to the rest of the world. Choirs take inspiration from the music stylings of indigenous groups such as the Khoisan, KwaXhosa, and Zulu.

Choirs from all over the world take their inspiration from South African choral music. Choir singing is an essential part of keeping history and culture alive, and a way to bring joy and community even during these unprecedented times.

South African Choirs

South Africa is home to some of the most enthusiastic and talented choral singing groups in the world. From adult choirs to very young children choirs, there’s an endless pool of talent in South Africa that the world should see.

Singing is considered a national sport in the culture of South Africa, and their choirs reflect that. Choral singing is widely promoted in universities and is where many choir singers develop their talents and a strong sense of community. Anywhere you go in South Africa, you can find people singing.

As such a diverse country, choral is a way to unify everyone and bring them together. South Africa has many areas that do not have a lot of privilege, and the voice is a free instrument many have learned to use to bring joy into their life.

South African Choirs at the World Choir Games

South African choirs have been participating in the World Choir Games since 2001, and their performances are always memorable. They are typically showcased in the Folklore category.

One choir in particular, the Kearsney College Choir is a young men’s choir with a strong stage presence. This choir is known for their rain dance performance, which other South African choirs have learned from and developed their own renditions. One choir to do so is the Tygerberg Children’s Choir from Cape Town.

Having the opportunity to see South African choirs perform inspires and motivates other choirs in the World Choir Games. Audiences and other choral singers alike look forward to the folklore performances from South African choirs every year. Due to COVID-19, it has been difficult for South African choirs to make it to events, and other choirs will perform in their honor to ensure they are recognized even in absence.

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12th World Choir Games 2023

The World Choir Games 2023 will be held in Gangneung/Gangwon-do July 3-13, 2023. The Choir Games have been difficult for South African choirs to attend due to the pandemic, but we’re full of hope that next year we will welcome the choirs of South Africa to the World Choir Games again.

Without the choirs of South Africa, the World Choir Games are just not the same. While other choirs can honor the robust culture and musical inspiration they take from South Africa, their authentic Folklore performances are deeply missed.

Participation is the highest honor, and everyone should be able to participate in the World Choir Games. Now more than ever it’s important to have a sense of community and togetherness, and the World Choir Games provides that for choral singers from all over the globe.

South African choirs, join us for the World Choir Games next year! You inspire so many with your choral singing and when you are unable to make it your presence is deeply missed. Choral singers from all over the world view you as role models and they take pointers from your performances everyday!

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