The Jia Yin Chorus from China

Jia Yin Chorus travels around the world to ignite the enthusiasm for choral music

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

Choir Spotlight

The biggest choir competition worldwide in 2016 is approaching. Numerous of international choirs have already registered to celebrate the festival of choral music in the Russian city at the Black Sea.

The Jia Yin Chorus is one of many choirs, which will arrive from China. The choir consists of 78 highly motivated singers of an advanced age. The noteworthy number of choral members has its reason in the incredibly relaxed atmosphere within the singing community and the two charismatic choral leaders: Mr. Zai Song as the administration manager and Mr. Chao Wang as the conductor and artistic director.

Since March 2015 the choir from the world metropolis Shanghai pursues the aim to discover the world together and to make the most beautiful places around the globe resound. No sooner said than done: the Jia Yin Chous already attended three World Choir Games on three different continents and returned to Shanghai with outstanding results. In Shaoxing (China, 2010) the choir won a golden diploma in the category "Musica Contemporana". During the World Choir Games in Cincinnati (USA, 2012) and in Riga (Latvia, 2014) the Jia Yin Chorus received at both events a silver diploma in the category "Mixed Choirs".

Apart from numerous choral travels to distant countries, the Jia Yin Chorus also ignites the enthusiasm of the local audience. From 2005 till 2007 the Chinese choirs shined at different choir competitions, which were organized by the "Association Silver in Shanghai". During the competition of the "Shanghai International Music Festival 2008" the choir won a golden medal.

From July 2016 the Jia Yin Chorus will have the chance to add the Russian holiday destination Sochi to its travel diary. INTERKULTUR is looking forward to this travel-loving choir!