World Choir Games 2021

New competition category for World Choir Games 2021

Milestone of Flanders' choral identity enters the choral competition

The individual competition categories of the World Choir Games have always represented not only the whole range of choir styles worldwide, […]

Competitions & Festivals

A year filled with reunions

Competitions and festivals in 2021 from spring to fall

While in recent weeks and months the choral life all over the world is limited to the virtual space, INTERKULTUR puts all energy in […]

International Choral Scene

“We will come out of this period even stronger than we were before”

Interview with Tim Sharp, Executive Director of the ACDA/Member of World Choir Council

The Corona Pandemic has now been keeping the world in suspense for months and has led to a standstill in public life. Thousands of people […]

Franz Schubert Choir Competition

Historical Schubertiade meets Social Media

Virtual celebration of Schubert's works

Already during his lifetime Franz Schubert had numerous followers who liked to come together for performances of his compositions in private […]


Singing ON STAGE in 2022

On Stage Festivals in international capital cities

The Early Bird…sings on the most beautiful stages! The INTERKULTUR event series On Stage has already fixed numerous destinations for its […]

World Choir Games 2021

Enjoy choral music – discover Belgium

Tour options during the World Choir Games 2021

Belgium’s cities are closely connected with the country’s eventful history. Therefore a half/ whole day excursion to Brussels, Ghent, […]

Latest news

ZOOM in, let’s have Tea!

INTERKULTUR online meeting with choral fellows from all over the world

One of the most important aspects of any of our INTERKULTUR events is the personal connection that singers, managers and choir conductors […]


INTERKULTUR’s first Online Choir Competition

INTERKULTUR Video Award for the best Virtual Choir Video

The creativity of choirs worldwide in dealing with the contact bans due to the current Corona pandemic currently has no limits: New […]


Información importante sobre "ON STAGE en Albania"

La pandemia COVID-19 afecta al evento

Para garantizar la seguridad de todos los participantes y del público, se informó a todos los coros inscritos sobre la situación en el lugar […]

Sing Along Concert ONLINE

A conversation with Simon Halsey: „Sing Along Lounge LIVE“ on May 10

Live talk on YouTube after the final performance of the Sing Along Concert ONLINE

Since May 4 thousands of choral singers from all over the world are meeting every day at 19:30 CEST through the YouTube channels of INTERKUL […]

Latest news

INTERKULTUR.TV: Singing, memories and emotions

Relaunch of INTERKULTUR’s video platform on May 4

INTERKULTUR’s video platform gets a new design and a new name: INTERKULTUR.TV. But that's not all, the name change comes along with a number […]

Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg

No sitting back but diving in the South-African choral sounds

Interactive workshop with Bernard Krüger in Magdeburg

From October 7 – 11, 2020 the capital of Saxony-Anhalt and home city of Baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann, Magdeburg, will become once […]

Sing Along Concert ONLINE

Sing Along Concert ONLINE: How Lovely Are The Sounds From Our Dwelling Places

International Online Sing Along Project with Simon Halsey and the Rundfunkchor Berlin

Music is the thread that connects people. In a time when concerts in front of an audience and joint rehearsals in the same room are […]


Información importante sobre "On Stage en Florencia"

La pandemia COVID-19 afecta al evento

Para garantizar la seguridad de todos los participantes y del público, se informó a todos los coros inscritos sobre la situación en el lugar […]


Important information about the „Fest der Chorkulturen“ in Berlin

Continuance of the COVID-19 measures in the Federal Republic of Germany affect the event

Corresponding with the decision concerning the continuance of the COVID-19 measures in the Federal Republic of Germany by the federal […]

International Choral Scene

Victoriam - victory of compassion, victory of life

Musicians and singers support the foodbank in Germany

Love, humanity and solidarity are vital values which have become especially essential in current times of the Coronacrisis. The initiative […]


Información importante sobre "Concurso Coral International Kyiv"

La pandemia de COVID-19 afecta el evento

La pandemia COVID-19, que afecta a todos los aspectos de la vida pública, también afecta al mundo coral y a la organización de eventos. Por […]

Your Voice

10 things singers can do at home when there’s no choir to go to

Tipps by Chris Rowbury

There are many reasons why you might not be able to get to choir and have to stay home. How can you keep your choral and musical interests […]


Información importante sobre "II Helsingborgs Körfestival"

Las restricciones de viaje y eventos en Suecia afectan el evento

La pandemia del COVID 19, que afecta a todos los aspectos de la vida pública, también afecta al mundo coral, por lo que debemos informarles […]

International Choral Scene

“Thank you” To “Angels in Life”

Song dedicated to all who are battling the pandemic in the world

China, like many countries around the world, have been battling the COVID-19 and as of today, facing the aftermath of the pandemic. As the […]


IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the International Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Postponement of the event to March 2021

The worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 is accompanied by numerous, long-term travel and exit restrictions in almost every country in the world.  […]


Plan de acción & flexibilidad

Compromiso y responsabilidad con la escena coral internacional

Queremos agradecerle su continua lealtad y confianza en estos tiempos inciertos. El compromiso de INTERKULTUR y nuestra responsabilidad con […]


Compromiso con los coros ya inscritos

Oportunidad de posponer la participación hasta finales de 2021

Dado que COVID-19 afecta a todas las áreas de la escena coral internacional, nos gustaría apoyar a nuestros coros en esta difícil situación. […]


Nuestras fechas de registro para los eventos del otoño de 2020

se pospondrán 4 semanas.​​​​​​

El canto coral es un hobby de equipo. Las restricciones de viaje y el distanciamiento social actualmente hacen que los ensayos del coro sean […]


Nuestras opciones de cancelación gratuitas

para nuestros eventos INTERKULTUR entre agosto y diciembre de 2020

Considerando los últimos desarrollos en relación con COVID-19, las normas de cancelación se actualizan para ofrecer a nuestros coros la […]

Deutsche Chormeisterschaft

Musical extra for the Deutsche Chormeisterschaft

Evaluation Performances in cooperations with the Choir Association Rhineland-Palatinate

Time for a real premiere: From November 6 - 8, 2020 INTERKULTUR will celebrate its first national choir competition in Koblenz, Germany, […]


World Choir Games Flanders postponed to 2021

New event date: July 2-12, 2021

The World Choir Games, the biggest singing competition for choirs in the world which was scheduled to take place this summer in Flanders, […]


Concierto Sing Along "ON TOUR" en Milán aplazado

Nuevas fechas deL evento en septiembre

A la luz de la rápida evolución del brote de COVID-19, INTERKULTUR y el Coro de la Radio de Berlín, después de una ronda de consultas con […]

Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Fiesta de la amistad forever - 10 years Canta al mar

2021 is an anniversary year in Calella

Cantar, Calella, Coros: For a decade now, the international choir festival Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional has been gathering […]

Competitions & Festivals

Bruckner's Sound Waves float through Linz

New title and new elements for a well-proven choir event in Linz

One of INTERKULTUR's events with the longest tradition, the Anton Bruckner Choir Competition, will adopt a new title starting next year: […]


Carta abierta de Günter Titsch

El presidente de INTERKULTUR envía un mensaje personal al mundo de los coros

Queridas y queridos cantantes de todo el mundo, queridos amigos de la música coral: En primer lugar querría desearle todo lo mejor en el […]

International Choral Scene

Keep on singing together – despite social distancing

Maintaining choir community in times of Corona

Singing together in a choir despite quarantine? Some choirs around the globe have developed ideas to live out their passion for choral music […]


Baltic voices in concert with the world

In 2021 international choirs guest in Riga again

World Choir Games 2014, European Choir Games 2017, Riga Sings 2019 – the Latvian capital of Riga welcomed them all. Rarely has a city been […]

International Choral Scene

INTERKULTUR brings choirs from China and Sweden together

"Stay with me" is a musical message into the world

China and many countries around the world are facing a difficult situation at the moment. The COVID-19 is increasingly spreading, with more […]


Todas las actualizaciones relacionadas con el COVID-19 están disponibles aquí

INTERKULTUR informa regularmente sobre las últimas novedades

Las últimas informaciones sobre todos los eventos de INTERKULTUR afectados por el actual brote mundial de covid-19 se encuentran en www.inte […]


Información importante sobre ON STAGE in Verona

Las restricciones de eventos y viajes en Italia afectan al evento

Para parar la expansión del COVID-19, la República Italiana ha determinado varias restricciones de eventos y viajes que afectan a ON STAGE […]


Información importante sobre ON STAGE in Israel

Las restricciones de eventos y viajes en Israel afectan al evento

Para parar la expansión del COVID-19, el estado de Israel ha impuesto varias restricciones de eventos y viajes que afectan a ON STAGE en […]


Concepto de seguridad de INTERKULTUR

para la celebración de los eventos pendientes durante el tiempo de la epidemia Covid-19

INTERKULTUR está elaborando en este momento un concepto de seguridad que se ajuste a los requisitos de los servicios de sanidad de los […]


¿Cómo afecta el brote actual de COVID-19 a los eventos de INTERKULTUR?

Información periódica sobre las últimas evoluciones en NOTICIAS

En vista del brote mundial del covid-19, INTERKULTUR ha publicado una declaración oficial para todos los/las cantantes y directores/as de […]

Latest news

Further development of the INTERKULTUR World Rankings

New list to be published on March 4

On 4 March INTERKULTUR will publish a new update of its World Rankings, but this time with an essential innovation: A new bonus system has […]

Fest der Chorkulturen

“I love the intense emotionality and directness of choral singing”

Interview with Roxanna Panufnik

Roxanna Panufnik, one of the most prestigious British composers of our time, unites the world in her very own way. Through her music she […]

World Choir Games 2020

The World Choir Games from a front- seat

Special conductor’s program in Flanders

A special program has been put together at the World Choir Games in Flanders addressing especially conductors that would like to experience […]

Isola del Sole

Catch the Early Birds in Magdeburg, Bohol and Grado

Musical fall with choral encounters in three countries

Would you like to end the year with choral music from the most diverse nations and exciting intercultural choral encounters? Then March 2, […]

World Choir Games 2020

“Listen” – the Official Song of the World Choir Games 2020

Scores and rehearsal files are now available for all types of choirs

We proudly present the Official Song of the 11th World Choir Games: “Listen”, written by Flemish composer Kurt Bikkembergs. Bikkembergs […]

World Choir Games 2020

Auf dem Weg zu den World Choir Games

INTERKULTUR in German television

The German television hr-fernsehen reports about the women's choir Cantando Cantabile and its way to the World Choir Games in Flanders this […]

Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg

Extraordinary concerts at the Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg

Choral enjoyment from Shanty Choir to Generation Concert 

The birthplace of the baroque composer Georg Philipp Telemann will be the venue of the "Internationales Chorfest Magdeburg" from October […]

Choir Stories

Raising funds for the World Choir Games

Choirs come up with creative activities

Like many charitable organisations, choirs are often dependent on donations and other financial contributions to be able to participate in […]

World Choir Games 2020

Lighting the choral flame on Jan 24

Prelude to the World Choir Games 2020

The choral flame, symbolizing the prelude to the World Choir Games, will be officially lit on Friday, January 24 by Zuhal Demir, Flemish […]

Sing'n'Pray Kobe

First INTERKULTUR event in 2020 successfully completed

Sing'n'Pray Kobe with Award Ceremony and "Pray from Kobe" concert

One last time singing, praying, commemorating: 19 choirs from 10 nations came together from January 16-20, 2020 and concluded Sing'n'Pray […]

Sing'n'Pray Kobe

The INTERKULTUR year 2020 begins in Japan

Choirs from 10 nations open 2nd edition of Sing'n'Pray Kobe

A commemorative concert travels around the world: Within the framework of Sing'n'Pray Kobe 2020 from January 16 - 20, 2020, a total of 19 […]