Opening Ceremony of the World Choir Games 2023 © Gangneung-si

Choir registrations for the 2024 World Choir Games are exceeding expectations

World Choir Games 2024 expect to welcome participants from an impressive 41 countries in Auckland

World Choir Games 2024

In an extraordinary display of global musical unity and enthusiasm, the Organizing Committee of the 2024 World Choir Games is thrilled to announce that choir registrations for this prestigious event are surpassing all expectations, with a significant surge attributed to an influx of international choirs eager to showcase their talents in Auckland.

The World Choir Games, heralded as the Olympics of choral music, invite choirs from around the globe to participate in a celebration of harmony, diversity, and international friendship. The 2024 edition, set against the stunning backdrop of Auckland's vibrant cultural landscape, has already caught the imagination of the global choral community.

INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch: "The overwhelming response we've received for the 2024 World Choir Games in Auckland is a testament to the universal appeal of choral music and its power to connect people across cultures and continents. This year, we're not just organizing a choir festival and competition; we're fostering a reunion of the international choir family, united by the universal language of music, peace, and friendship."

The increase in international choir registrations for the 2024 World Choir Games in Auckland is set to deliver a significant boost to the local economy, stimulating the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, and local attractions, contributing to a vibrant tourism economy. Additionally, the global spotlight afforded by the event promises to enhance Auckland's cultural footprint on the world stage, attracting future tourists and investment. The economic ripple effect of this event is expected to extend beyond the immediate tourism and hospitality sectors, benefiting a wide array of local businesses and services, and showcasing Auckland's capacity to host world-class events.

The 2024 World Choir Games expect to welcome participants from an impressive 41 countries, underlining the event's reputation as a truly international spectacle. Choirs from diverse backgrounds and cultures will converge in Auckland, bringing with them a rich tapestry of musical traditions and styles, from classical choral repertoires to contemporary vocal ensembles.

The city of Auckland is preparing to welcome participants and choral enthusiasts from around the world, with numbers expected to reach 11,000, with a host of venues across the city gearing up to host competition performances, Friendship Concerts, and special events. The Games promise to be a landmark event in Auckland's cultural calendar, showcasing the city's world-class facilities and its warm, inclusive spirit.

For more information about the event, please visit the official World Choir Games website at 13. World Choir Games 2024, Auckland, New Zealand.

Continuing the legacy set at the last World Choir Games 2023 in South Korea as the onset of a post-COVID era of the World Choir Games, the promising success of the World Choir Games in Auckland underscores the event’s global appeal and its mission to bring together voices from around the world beyond any geographical boundaries. As the Games are significantly moving forward after the pandemic, each hosting region shines in the radiant of international friendship and unity, reinforcing the belief in the transformative power of choral music to connect hearts and communities across the globe.