Champions Concert of the CICF and WCG

Champions Concert of the CICF and WCG

12 champion choirs sang together online

World Choir Games 2023

In April this year, China International Chorus Festival (CICF), the only state-level international chorus festival in China, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with INTERKULTUR, the founder of the World Choir Games (WCG) that will join hands to realize the common vision of "Sing together through nations" through the form of choral art.

On July 17 and 18, twelve champions choirs from China and around the world gathered together and composed a new chapter of "Peace, Friendship, Cooperation and Development".


Eight Seconds Choir of Zhejiang Conservatory of music from China
conducted by Yan Baolin

  • “Song without words-Sound of Fugue”, composed by Jiang Yimin
  • “West Lake”, composed by Chen Yi

Camarata Chamber Choir from South-Korea
conducted by Ryan Gössl

  • “Nyon, Nyon”, by American composer Jake Runestad
  • “Aeorang”, composed by Oh Byung Hee

Guangzhou Little Petrel Children’s Choir from China
conducted by Diao Zhijun

  • “Hello Miaoling Moutian”, by composer Huang Zhongsheng
  • “Spring is Coming”, composed by Zhang Chao

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Hamilton Children’s Choir from Canada
conducted by Zimfira Poloz

  • “Hymn of Axciom”, by Singer-Songwriter Vienna Teng
  • “Wau Bulan”, arranged by Tracy Wong

Choir of Inner Mongolia Art Theatre from Mongolia
conducted by Wangwurile

  • “Eight horses Praise”, Composed by: Se. Enkebayaer
  • “Eurythmic”, Composed by: Se. Enkebayaer

Vocal Ensemble Fortissimo from Bulgaria
conducted by Milena Dobreva

  • “Kalimanku, Denku & Dilmano, Dilbero”, arranged by Krassimir Kyurkchiysky
  • “Yaninku”, arranged by Kirl Todorov

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Buaa Chorus from China
conducted by Yang Lele

  • “Green Goat”, by composer Feng Gongrang
  • “Azalea Blossoms”, by composer Yi Ke, Sun Hongoin, Xiang Chnzi, Ai Ming

One Chamber Choir from Singapore
conducted by Lim Ai Hooi
Guest conductor: Andre van der Merwe (South Africa)

  • “Chisana” a Folksong
  • Sizongena (Mzilikazi Khumalo, adapted by André van der Merwe)

Shanghai Huangpu Youngster’s Art Activity Center Spring Children’s Choir from China
conducted by Shen Wanjun

  • “Moon Comes Down”, arranged by She Qian
  • “Colored Koi”, by composer Wen Yuchuan

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Dekoor Close Harmony from The Netherlands    
conducetd by Christoph McCarty

  • “Smoorverliefd”, by Henny Vrienten, arranged by Christoph McCarty

Guangdong Experimental Middle School Choir from China
conducted by Xie Mingjing

  • “Sacrificing for Rains”, by composer Na Jiangcangnorob, Se Enkebayaer
  • “Cold Mountain Path”, by composer Zhu Jie

Barnsley Youth Choir from Great Britain
conducted by Mat Wright

  • “What about us” by “Pink”, composed by Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac, arranged by Mat Wright

Barnsley Youth Choir from Great Britain & Tuks Camarata from South Africa
conducetd by Michael Barret

  • “Let the river run”, composed by Carly Simon, arranged by Craig Hella Johnson

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The concert was co-directed by Prof. Wu Lingfen, artistic director of 16th CICF and Chinese member of World Choir Council, and Mr. Johan Rooze, artistic director of INTERKULTUR and WCG, and selected 12 Chinese and foreign choirs, champions of CICFs and WCGs in recent years and 23 pieces of works of them. "This concert is performed by choirs and works representing the highest artistic standards of the two festivals and competitions and their respective countries and regions." Prof. Wu Lingfen introduced. Mr. Johan Rooze said, "I think this time we have a unique cooperation and together we can make our festivals a success." .

Composer Cao Guanyu, conductor Gong Li, conductor Sun Yi and other famous Chinese chorus experts were invited to guide music appreciation for the 23 works. These works included classical music, folklore, pop songs, contemporary music and other styles for the audience to bring a variety of styles, colorful audio-visual feast.