Sing Along Concert Vienna

From today we say: Sing Along!

Rehearsals for Sunday’s great Sing Along Concert have started

It was a very emotional beginning of rehearsals for the huge Sing Along Concert International on May 8 on the occasion of the 30th […]

Sing'n'Joy Vienna

Competition day

International Franz Schubert Choir Competition is in full swing

It started this morning at 11:30 am. The first choir to enter the stage of the Schubertsaal in the Vienna Concert Hall and to compete in the […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

Prestigious jury member for anniversary event in Wernigerode

VOCES8 co-founder Paul Smith will evaluate choral performances

The first jury member to join the 10th anniversary edition of the Johannes Brahms International Choir Festival & Competition (Wernigerode, […]

Your Voice

Paul Smith and the VOCES8 Method

A pedagogical concept designed for students from all over the world

In the World Wide Web there are numerous of videos, which offer tips and advices for your voice and your choral performances – you know them […]

Sing'n'Joy Vienna

Sing’n’Joy Vienna has been openend

Five choirs inspire the audience at the opening concert in the Votiv Church

The Votiv Church in Vienna was packed when yesterday evening five international choirs came together to present their skills and music from […]

Sing'n'Joy Vienna

Vienna Calling

The choir competition’s opening day brings bright sunshine to Vienna

The sun is shining in Vienna, and welcomes 15 participating choirs from 11 nations that followed the Austrian capital’s call to this year’s […]

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

With INTERKULTUR to the UNESCO World Heritage

A choir competition including a discovery tour through the historic heritage of the green Island

One of the most beautiful old towns of Greece, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage since 2007, is nestled between the Old and New […]

Sing'n'Joy Vienna

Franz Schubert Choir Competition proudly celebrates anniversary edition

1600 singers perform in Vienna to honor the great composer

For the 30th time already the Europan capital of Music, Vienna invites for an international choir competition from May 4-8, 2016. The […]

The world as guest of INTERKULTUR

Songs of the world on Europe’s stages

In the Folklore category choirs present the music of their home countries

What do you know about choral traditions in Indonesia? How does traditional choral singing sound in Venezuela? How do they sing in China? […]


Choral concert and sightseeing in Bilbao

Swedish Vocal ensemble discovers the Spanish coastal city

From April 7-10, 2016 our INTERKULTUR series ON STAGE took place in Bilbao, Spain. On this occasion we want to share to you impressions by […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Seisen High School Choir is the overall winner

Happy choirs at the Award Ceremony in Bad Ischl

After many exciting competition concerts und the today’s Grand Prize Competition we are pleased to announce the winners of the 13th […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Do you hear the people sing?

Great atmosphere and temperament in Bad Ischl

Yesterday three wonderful Friendship Concerts took place in the heart of Bad Ischl. No one in the Trinkhalle cared about the dark cloud […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

These are the nominated choirs

The jury has announced the participants of the Grand Prize Competition

After the competitions in altogether 12 categories the Grand Prize Competition will take place at 3:30 p.m. in the Kongress & TheaterHaus in […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Jubilate Deo

International voice power at the Gala Concert

Besides first competitions in the categories "Children's Choirs" and "Pop-Jazz-Gospel-Spiritual" we were pleased about a second Gala Concert […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

The festival was officially opened

Warm welcome by the city and its surrounding

Despite the rainy weather the participants of the 13th International Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl 2016 took the opportunity to […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Welcome in Bad Ischl! Welcome in May!

Official festival opening is relocated in the Kongress & Theaterhaus

Because of today’s rainy weather forecast, the organizers of the 13th International Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl have decided to […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

International voices perform at the festival opening

Six choirs present a varied concert program

We have not over-promised, is it right? Yesterday’s gala concert with its colorful concert program consisting of folklore, classical and […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

First Gala Concert in Bad Ischl

Six international choirs will present a wonderful choral world

This evening at 7 p.m. the 13th International Choir Comeptition and Festival Bad Ischl will be opened with a first Gala Concert in the […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Choirs from near and far sing about spring

24 international ensembles present choral music from 14 different countries

Tomorrow is the day: the 13th International Choir Competition and Festival Bad Ischl will begin. Altogether 24 choirs from 14 nations such […]

Competitions & Festivals

Workshop and concert with Voces8

"Singspiration Frankfurt" presents the British world-class ensemble

Our non-competitive ON STAGE series has a lot of surprises for you. Together with the Frankfurter Singakademie we proudly present the […]

International Choral Scene

Loving Latvia

Why I left America to chase choral dreams

"America is often referred to as the “land of opportunity.” For me, however, Latvia offers more fascinating experiences and chances for […]

European Choir Games 2017

Latvia – The Singing Nation

Singing is a fascinating part of the country’s national identity

Every nation has a cultural identity, and it’s not overconfident to say that Latvia has one of the most beautiful: Singing. It’s a huge part […]

Canta al mar - Festival Coral Internacional

Now your vote counts, too!

International choirs and guests award an Audience Prize

For the first time in the five-year success story of Canta al mar – Festival Coral Internacional the audience and the choirs will have the […]

Lanna Int. Choir Competition

Ambassadors of Guizhou Province, China

Guiyang Female Choir participates in Folkore category

Guiyang Female Choir is one of the choirs already registered for INTERKULTUR’s first ever choral competition in Thailand: the 1st Lanna Int. […]

European Choir Games 2017

Riga. One city, many faces

Visiting the Latvian metropolis is worth it

“Paris of the North”, “Second city that never sleeps”, “Baltic Pearl”, “Hottest city in the north” – Riga has a lot of nick names. And it […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

From contrabass up to the countertenor

The Vokalisten Kärnten present a wide range of choral music

Only 8 days left until we will welcome 24 choirs from 14 different nations at the 13th International Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Video of the Closing Concert is now online

600 singers and the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra enchanted the audience

At the Closing Concert of the Festival Sing'n'Joy Provo 2016 on March 19, 2016  in the "De Jong Concert Hall" the Festival Choir consisting […]

Isola del Sole

Premiere for the male ensemble Voice Male

Four young singers compete in an international competition for the first time

The young male ensemble “Voice Male” from Heidenheim in Germany has just been founded last fall. One year later already they will enter the […]

Golden State Choral Trophy

Monterey: A choral and natural paradise

INTERKULTUR reveals the highlights of the Californian flora and fauna

From November 20-24, 2016 choirs from all over the world will gather in the beautiful coastal city Monterey, south of San Francisco, to sing […]

Choir Stories

Fontys Jazz Choir

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games

Eleven weeks to go until the biggest international choir competition worldwide will unite singers from all over in Sochi. That also means […]

Grand Prix of Nations

Sing in the Kammermusiksaal of the Berliner Philharmonie!

A world-class concert hall welcomes the international choral scene

On the occasion of the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017, which is going to be held from February 1-5, 2017, the international choirs can […]

Your Voice

Voice Lesson: Warm up your Voice

Vocal Teacher Justin Stoney gives you advice on his YouTube Channel

Vocal Coaching is an essential part of every singer’s life. Even if you don’t have your personal vocal coach, there are many possibilities […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

International guest in Pohlheim

The Gentlemen Singers join the Chorfest in INTERKULTUR's home country Hesse

On the occasion of the Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg, which is going to be held from June 17-19, 2016 in Pohlheim near Frankfurt Main, we […]

European Choir Games 2017

We sing in Riga!

The event trailer shows what is waiting for you

In 2017 we will be back in Riga. The 2014 host city of the World Choir Games’ largest edition so far will welcome again thousands of singers […]

Lanna Int. Choir Competition

Choral singing from 5 nations comes to Thailand

Early Bird registration for the Lanna Int. Choir Competition attracts 14 choirs

“The Land of Smiles” will probably turn into the land that grins from ear to ear this fall: 14 choirs from 5 nations have followed the early […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Singing computer scientists in Bad Ischl

The ITL Segakoor from Estonia presents itself

In just a couple of weeks 24 choirs from 14 different nations will travel to the beautiful Bad Ischl in the Salzkammergut in order to […]

Latest news

Hannes Reich wins German Choral Conductor’s Prize

German Music Association confers distinction for young conductors for the second time

Three young scholars from the German Conductor’s Forum performed at the final concert for the German Choral Conductor’s Prize on Saturday, […]

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

"Sing Free!" – Come free your voice

Jay Clayton offers a Vocal Jazz Workshop

We are delighted to welcoming the international renowned US-American jazz and avant-garde vocalist Jay Clayton in our festival. In the […]

Sing'n'Joy Princeton

New York, New York

Workshops and sightseeing in the “Big Apple”

Doesn’t everyone dream of holding a Broadway workshop with dancers, actors and singers, and have dinner with them before watching a Broadway […]

Golden State Choral Trophy

Monterey 2016: Back to the Roaring Twenties

The Golden State Theatre opens the doors for the choirs of the world

We are delighted to present the Golden State Theatre as one of the venues of the INTERKULTUR festival Golden State Choral Trophy, which will […]

Johannes Brahms Int. Choir Festival & Competition

amarcord performs at gala concert in Wernigerode

Top class choral concerts on the occasion of the festival’s 10th anniversary in 2017

For the 10th time already in 2017 INTERKULTUR organizes the popular Johannes Brahms Choir Festival and Competition in cooperation with the […]

Choir Stories

Thai Youth Choir in Sochi

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

Three months to go until the biggest choir festival worldwide will unite international singers in Sochi. Until then INTERKULTUR wants to […]

European Choir Games 2017

Become European Champion of Choral Singing!

Competitions in 10 categories seek a winner

Riga. The city where the Champions of the World Choir Games were awarded in 2017. The “Baltic Pearl”. In 2017 it will get back on the […]

Grand Prix of Nations

Together we will make the world sing

The Berlin Radio Choir and INTERKULTUR pursue a shared aim

The Berlin Radio Choir does not only belong to the world's most outstanding choirs but is also a partner of currently two INTERKULTUR […]

World Choir Games 2016

Announcement: International jury for the World Choir Games 2016!

The adjudicators for this year’s World Choir Games competition evaluation have been announced today.

45 choral experts from 35 nations agreed yet to come to Sochi, Russia to listen and judge the choirs' performances. Competitions are at the […]

International Choral Scene

Choral music on TV

"Chamber Choir of Europe" performs at the ECHO Awards

On the occasion of this year's ECHO Awards on April 7, 2016 at 20:15 h in the Messe Berlin the "Chamber Choir of Europe", conducted by the […]

Choir Stories

Sounds of Egret Island Teacher's Chorus

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

Not long to wait now – the biggest choir festival will bring the Winter Olympic City of 2014 to sound. In order to shorten the waiting time […]

Sing'n'Joy Princeton

Autograph by Morten Lauridsen is seeking a new owner

INTERKULTUR awards the Morten Lauridsen Special Prize

From February 16-20, 2017 choirs from all parts of the world will be welcomed in Princeton/ New Jersey in order to sing together at the Sing […]

Lanna Int. Choir Competition

Development of a choral music scene in Thailand

The duties and tasks of the Thailand Choral Association

Thailand belongs to the most beautiful countries on earth. Every year thousands of tourists come to discover the breathtaking landscape and […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

An artistic highlight at the Closing Concert

600 singers performed as Sing'n'Joy festival choir

The "De Jong Concert Hall" of the Brigham Young University was very well attended to the Closing Concert yesterday. The singers, 600 in this […]