Sing'n'Joy Provo

Provo 2016: These are the winners

International choirs achieve impressive results in Provo/Utah

After all competitions the winners of the festival Sing’n’Joy Provo have been announced. The choirs from the USA and Estonia presented their […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

A festival of choral music comes to an end

Award Ceremony and Closing Concert of Sing’n’Joy Provo

After the competition concerts, workshops and many musical highlights, such as yesterday’s concert of the "BYU Men’s Chorus", we are looking […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Joint singing during the Friendship Concert in Provo

Choirs impressed their audience with a varied concert program

Yesterday evening the first Friendship Concert of the festival Sing'n'Joy Provo took place in the "Provo Community Congregational United […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

A new festival day full of choral music begins

Choirs have the chance, to listen to the voices of the BYU Men's Chorus

After the first competition and Friendship Concert yesterday we will start the upcoming festival day of the Sing'n'Joy Provo full of […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Upcoming workshop and competition in Provo

The today's festival program at a glance

After yesterday's successful opening of the festival today's festival program includes amongst others a workshop as well as a competition […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Choirs attuned to the festival

Opening Concert in the Covey Center for the Arts, Provo

In the course of the Opening Concert of the festival Sing'n'Joy Provo 2016 yesterday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Covey Center for the Arts […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Official beginning in Provo/Utah

During the Opening Concert international choirs will perform together with the BYU choirs

Today the festival Sing'n'Joy Provo will be officially opened. We are looking forward to welcoming 16 choirs (and the BYU Philharmonic […]

Choir Stories

The choir of Menlopark High School

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

Less than four month until the biggest choir festival will unite the world of choral singing in Sochi. Until then INTERKULTUR wants to […]

Golden State Choral Trophy

The choral festival with a focus on popular music

Monterey offers choirs special participation opportunities

During the golden autumn, from November 20-24 2016, the city of Monterey located in the Golden State California invites choirs from all over […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

INTERKULTUR begins its 2016 festival year

International choirs sing in concert with BYU choirs in Provo/Salt Lake City

From March 16-20, 2016 singers will gather in Provo Utah in order to sing together at Sing'n'Joy Provo - The American International Choral […]

Your Voice

The 10 golden rules for choral singers

Tips and tricks for even more pleasure in singing

Why do millions of singers rapturously join the choir rehearsal each week? It's quite simple: Singing together brings joy, releases feelings […]

Latest news

INTERKULTUR on tour in Indonesia

The "1st Manado International Choral Expo" offers a varied program from the world of choral music

From March 9-12, 2016 the Indonesian city Manado invites choral lovers to receive valuable tips and impulses for their choral work. The "1st […]

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

Official start in Corfu

Organizers present the 1st Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition

At a press conference in Corfu last week, the organizers of the "1st Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition", the city of Corfu, […]

International Choral Scene

Music which gets under the skin

Thrilled by a choral version in traditional Irish Folk

Some music just touches people within a few seconds: this so-called goosebumps moment often requires only a concise melody, a harmony […]


INTERKULTUR appoints new Artistic Honorary Presidents

Chinese conductors Prof. Zheng Yiaoying and Prof. Yang Hongnian add to the Artistic Honorary Presidency

INTERKULTUR honors two outstanding international conductors from China for their long-time commitment regarding INTERKULTUR events: Prof. […]

Choir Stories

Jia Yin Chorus travels around the world to ignite the enthusiasm for choral music

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

The biggest choir competition worldwide in 2016 is approaching. Numerous of international choirs have already registered to celebrate the […]

Choir Stories

Java Jive: the Barbershop quartet in Sochi

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

In the course of the World Choir Games 2016, INTERKULTUR offers a wide range of participation opportunities to choirs. In altogether 29 […]

Birthday wishes

INTERKULTUR congratulates Morten Lauridsen on his 73th birthday

The American composer and Artistic Honorary President is celebrating his birthday

Morten Lauridsen is one of the most famous American composers of choral music. His works are holding a permanent place in the standard vocal […]

Choir Stories

"Sam Tet Voices" represents Malaysia at the biggest choir competition in Sochi

INTERKULTUR introduces the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

It won't be long before choirs from all parts of the world will gather in Sochi, Russia, to sing along in peace and to bring the Olympic […]

American Choral Directors Association

INTERKULTUR on the way to the regional ACDA Division Conferences

Numerous exhibitors, lectures and concerts unite the international choral community

In spring 2016 the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) organizes seven different conferences, where ACDA members, conductors, […]

Choir Stories

The Chapel of Boys and Young Men

First class choral music from Russia

Numerous of choirs from all parts of the world have already registered for the World Choir Games 2016, amongst others "The Chapel of Boys […]

Isola del Sole

A special "Fusion" of international voices in Grado

Choirs sing at the 8th Isola del Sole – International Choir Competition and Festival in Italy

From September 28 until October 2, 2016 the already 8th edition of the "Isola del Sole – International Choir Competition and Festival" will […]

World Choir Games 2016

INTERKULTUR invites to a study tour

Offering for international conductors

On the occasion of the world's largest choir festival, the World Choir Games 2016, which will unite thousands of choral singers from July […]

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

International choirs come together on the picturesque island in the Mediterranean Sea

Signing of the contract in Corfu seals the cooperation

On the occasion of a conference with the Municipality of Corfu, the Ionian University Corfu and the Regional Government, INTERKULTUR […]

Choir Stories

The Jazz Choir of the University of Cologne

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

We are pleased to introduce the choirs, which will attend the biggest choral event worldwide: The World Choir Games 2016 in Sochi, Russia. […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Kalamata

INTERKULTUR delegation in Greece

Press conference regarding the "2nd Kalamata International Choir Competition & Festival"

In order to tie in with the success of the "1st International Choir Competition & Festival" in Kalamata, INTERKULTUR President Günter […]


We proudly present: ON STAGE in Frankfurt

In September 2016 the Frankfurter Singakademie starts a new workshop series named „Singspiration Frankfurt“ – INTERKULTUR is also on board

Singing, learning and travelling together – this is now possible in the Hessian bank metropolis Frankfurt Main. From September 16-19, 2016 […]

Golden State Choral Trophy

California Feelin' – more than just a pop song

"Golden State Choral Trophy 2016" in Monterey – The American International Choral Festival

From November 20-24, 2016 the beautiful coastal town Monterey in California welcomes choral music lovers from all over the world to sing […]

Günter Titsch

From a small idea to a worldwide leading organizer

INTERKULTUR president Günter Titsch in dialog with the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation

On Saturday, February 13, 2016 INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch will be heard live in the cultural radio channel of the Hessian […]

Sing'n'Joy Princeton

The most renowned college for music worldwide

The Westminster Choir College welcomes Sing'n'Joy Princeton 2017

From February 16-20, 2017 the American city Princeton, New Jersey, will become a meeting point of the international choral community. In the […]

Sing Along Concert Vienna

Unforgettable venues

The Sing Along Concert in Vienna offers its participants special impressions of music, art and architecture

From May 4-8, 2016 the European Capital of Music will once again resound. The Sing Along Concert taking place on May 8 will make the hearts […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Graduates, who can't live without singing

A story about the Female Alumnae Choir of Tallinn University of Technology

It won't be long until INTERKULTUR welcomes choral friends from all over the world in Provo, Utah. Amongst all participating groups one […]

Grand Prix of Nations

A competition on a high level

INTERKULTUR invites amateur choirs to the Grand Prix of Nations Berlin 2017

Following the great success of the 1st Grand Prix of Nations 2015 in Magdeburg, Germany, INTERKULTUR again invites singers from February […]

Choir Stories

In dialogue with Omid Noori

The pioneer of opera singing in Afghanistan

Omid Noori is the conductor of the choir Noor-e omid, one of the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016 in Sochi, Russia. When […]

Choir Stories

The first polyphonic choir in Afghanistan

The choir Noor-e omid represents its country during the World Choir Games 2016

Yesterday we have presented the stop motion video. Today we would like to introduce you these singers, which invested a lot of time and put […]

World Choir Games 2016

The peacemaking power of music

A stop motion video with an important message

On the occasion of the World Choir Games 2016 we have motivated all participating choirs to send us their thoughts and wishes regarding to […]

Int. Choir Competition & Festival Bad Ischl

Discover places of happiness in the Austrian summer retreat

Follow INTERKULTUR’s International Choir Competition & Festival to blissful spots in Bad Ischl

Singing is one way to create happiness for singers and the audience alike – and thus participants and visitors of the 13th International […]

World Choir Games 2016

30 seconds for INTERKULTUR

Chinese choirs are looking forward to the World Choir Games 2016

On the occasion of the World Choir Games we have motivated all participating choirs to send us a short video with their thoughts and wishes […]

International Choral Scene

A Coversong with a clear message

10 year-old pupils sing their own "Fight Song"

A recently published music video catches the attention of the music community. In 2015, some young singers at the age of 10 years recorded a […]

Günter Titsch

Günter Titsch celebrates his 70th birthday

INTERKULTUR congratulates its founder and president

Today is not only a special day for Günter Titsch but also for INTERKULTUR: Titsch's idea to establish ties to all parts of the world by […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Sing'n'Joy Provo joins "Music and the Spoken Word"

Broadcast with a long tradition elates the audience since nearly 90 years

On the occasion of the choral festival Sing'n'Joy Provo 2016 INTERKULTUR offers all participating singers the possibility to join a famous […]

Shunde 2015

Reunion with singers of Dekoor Close Harmony in Shunde

Johan Rooze reported about the meeting with his former students at the Sing'n'Joy China 2015

Dekoor Close Harmony belongs to the most successful and well-known students' choirs in Europe. Located at the University of Utrecht, […]

Lanna Int. Choir Competition

Singing while surrounded by cultural heritage and breath-taking scenery

INTERKULTUR brings the international choral community to the "Land of Smiles"

Grand temples, adventurous mountain hikes, gorgeous beaches and an impressive metropolis – Thailand belongs to the most popular travel […]

Choir Stories

Mountain Top Chorale

INTERKULTUR presents the participating choirs of the World Choir Games 2016

We are pleased to introduce some choirs, which will attend the biggest choral event worldwide: The World Choir Games in Sochi 2016. The […]

Sing'n'Joy Provo

Treasure hunting in Provo

Utah offers numerous treasures for Geocaching lovers

From March 16-20, 2016 singers from the U.S. and Europe will come to our festival Sing'n'Joy Provo in Utah and will sing together in […]

Chorfest Watzenborn-Steinberg

Pohlheim will be the center of the international choral scene

INTERKULTUR invites the colorful world of choral music to its homecountry Hesse

Together with the German choirs "Harmonie' 1906 Watzenborn-Steinberg e.V." und "Sängerkranz 1876 Watzenborn-Steinberg e.V." the organizer of […]

New website

The new website is now online

INTERKULTUR starts the New Year with the relaunch of the modernized website

Welcome to the new INTERKULTUR website! Our editors and programmers put a lot of energy and creativity into these new and redesigned web […]

Choir Stories

Welcome to Sochi

Kammarkören Cantate from Sweden joins the circle of participants of the World Choir Games 2016

The countdown is on. In a few days the registration deadline for the 9th World Choir Games will end. Numerous choirs have already met the […]

Choir Stories

Entertainment in Sochi

The singers of Voice Weavers from Australia want to impress their audience with popular vocal music and special stage performances

Only six month until the biggest choral event in 2016. Reason enough to introduce more choirs, which will attend the World Choir Games in […]

International Choral Scene

Songs of Spirit

Singing brings religions together

At INTERKULTUR events it goes without saying, that different cultures and religions share the stage and come together in harmony through the […]