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Stop the war! Unite for Peace

International choir community stands together and sings for peace in the world

World Choir Council

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Our world is shattered. For years, we have been hit by more and more new crises, which have assumed unprecedented scale in recent years. It is time to set a sign: A sign for peace, for humanity and a new way of living together in solidarity. 

In a statement Günter Titsch, President of INTERKULTUR and World Choir Council, addresses the international choir community, combined with a choir concert for peace. After all, what could better express our common desire for peace and international understanding than music - the universal language of all people? 

"For INTERKULTUR and its worldwide choral family, the unifying power of choral
music has been a mission for over 30 years, in the belief that the universal
language of music can bring peace to the world

In our worldwide choral events which follow the Olympic idea, and together with
our World Choir Council including representatives from over 90 countries and
regions, we unite people from all continents and aim peace and for better mutual
understanding through singing together.

For more than two years, we all have been experiencing an attack on our health
and lives by invisible viruses. At the same time, natural disasters are increasing
significantly, depriving many people of their homes.

These are unprecedented calamities for both our generation and history.
At the moment we are faced with a new catastrophe - a terrible war in Europe!
Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are suffering the devastating
consequences of this war, especially with everyone in Ukraine.

In the spirit of our motto “Singing Together Brings Nations Together“ we also
stand with all singers and people in the world, who also share our mission and desire for peace.

We strongly stand against wars that cause great harm to humanity. Therefore,
in the name of all peacemaking people, we call for an immediate end to this
aggressive war on Ukrainian soil. At the same time, we call for reason, to follow
the path of mutual understanding and back towards a humane coexistence!

The world of choirs will stand together in solidarity and fraternity, working for
humanitarian aid aimed at all people affected by the war.

Come together in your communities and sing for peace, for peace all over the world!"

Günter Titsch
President INTERKULTUR & World Choir Council

Download Statement by Günter Titsch

Our international choir concert for peace is a symbol of unity and understanding and we would like to give comfort and hope to all those who have to experience great suffering in these difficult times. 

In the spirit of our motto "Singing Together Brings Nations Together", which has accompanied us for decades, we stand with all singers who share our mission and come together these days to sing together for peace in the world.

We thank all the choirs whose wonderful performances we could use in our Concert For Peace: 

1. Stellenbosch University Choir, Südafrika
Conductor: André van der Merwe
Arr. Ralf Schmitt und Michael Barrett: „Indodana“

2. Landarbaso Abesbatza, Spanien
Conductor: Inaki Tolaretxipi
Rihards Dubra: “Stetit Angelus”

3. Little Miami Women’s Chorale, USA
Conductor: Sarah J. Baker
Whitney Berry: “Prayer”

4. Festival Stage Choir, USA
Conductor: Nicol Matt
Morten Lauridsen: “Sure on this Shining Night”

5. South China Normal University Choir, China & Örebro Chamber Choir, Schweden
Conductor: Su Yanhui & Fred Sjöberg
Cao Guanyu: "Stay with me"

6. Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Universitas Atma Jaya Yog, Indonesien
Conductor: Raymundus Leonardo
Ēriks Ešenvalds: "Northern Lights"

7. Maîtrise de Seine-Maritime, Frankreich
Conductor: Maria Antiome
Charles Gounod: "Prière du soir"

8. Stellenberg Girls’ Choir, Südafrika
Conductor: André van der Merwe
Craig Courtney: “Ukrainian Alleluia”

9. Gospelchor Rejoice, Deutschland
Conductor: Roland Orthaus
Carol Cymbala, et al., arr. Jason M. Webb: “New Jerusalem”

10. COTA Youth Choir, Namibia. 
Conductor: Fanie Dorfling
Arr. André van der Merwe: “Nader My God By U”

11. Tuks Camerata, Südafrika
Conductor: Michael Barrett
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: “The Crown of Roses”