Günter Titsch

President of INTERKULTUR

Where people sing …

A simple vision and yet a powerful idea: What Günter Titsch plans is no less than a worldwide connection of people from all cultures on the wings of music – bringing together choirs and singers of all ages, color or ideology in peaceful competition.

Günter Titsch and his internationally experienced team developed the INTERKULTUR choir events into the largest and most successful cultural event series worldwide. The most ground-breaking success however was the idea to create major events following the ancient archetype of the Olympic Games in a new way. These “Choir Olympics”, which became further on well-known as the „World Choir Games“, have become the world’s largest choir competition.

With his passion for music and his unfailing commitment Günter Titsch developed INTERKULTUR within more than 35 years into the world’s leading organization regarding international choral events. Its competitions and festivals nowadays set standards worldwide concerning the artistic level and professional organization of such events.

Günter Titsch
Günter Titsch | © sagmalspaghetti GbR

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