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Keep on singing together – despite social distancing

Maintaining choir community in times of Corona

International Choral Scene

Singing together in a choir despite quarantine? Some choirs around the globe have developed ideas to live out their passion for choral music in defiance of all obstacles, to maintain and motivate their choral community together with their fellow singers and to break new ground in rehearsal techniques. Here are some of the best ideas and posts:

  1. Take care of each other and yourself and keep on making music: this is the message of the World Choir for Peace.
  2. Even joint concerts are still possible - in a virtual way: INTERKULTUR connected the Örebro Chamber Choir and the South China Normal University Choir via internet for the song "Stay with me" by the Chinese composer Cao Guanyu. This is the result.
  3. Instructions for setting up online classes are available from the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark, in the tutorial "Music Mode".
  4. In answer to the question: "How can we use the possibilities of new media to support taking choir rehearsals online", the Blog “Chorus Connection” provides tips for tools and organization.  
  5. The Neuer Kammerchor Berlin, amongst others, recently completed its first digital choir rehearsal and celebrates the success of this unusual premiere. 
  6. Eric Whitacre – Lux Aurumque: One of the best known, albeit older, but still most beautiful examples of a virtual choir. Eric Whitacre and his team also announced that they're trying to come up with a solution to support virtual choirs and digital collaboration for singers worldwide.
  7. Choir Baton uploads video 1 of a free online course on choir conducting despite Covid-19.
  8. A Cystic Fibrosis patient describes the positive effects on body and soul through her participation in an online choir.
  9. The South African Ndlovu Youth Choir, finalist in America's Got Talent, sings about how to do things right during Corona.
  10. Singing from balconies to uplift spirits: Italy, one of the countries struck most by the pandemic, found a great unifying way to socialize despite quarantine. Italians meet in the evenings on their balconies for a special rallying call and sing together.

More good ideas will follow; please share your inspiration for singing despite isolation with us and the choral community: As soon as there are new interesting developments or suggestions, share them with us on Facebook