3 Ways You Can Stand Out and Be Successful in Choir Competitions

3 Ways You Can Stand Out and Be Successful in Choir Competitions

Choirs that understand these three pieces of advice will have a huge competitive advantage

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Challenges and competitions exist to push you beyond your limits and bring out the best in you.

Choir competitions are unique events that bring together many groups from around the world to showcase their talents and battle it out until the last note.

Here at INTERKULTUR, international choir competitions and choir festivals are what we do best. Our World Choir Games and events are globally acclaimed for the excitement and consistently strong contestants that we bring together.

However, there is a certain art to master if you want to effectively compete and receive high marks.

In an environment where the air is thick with an electric feeling of anticipation and pure joy, there are a few things you can do to set yourself apart from all the choral singers who take the stage.

Go from eagerly awaiting the jury’s final decision and harshly criticizing your performance to confidently walking away knowing that you left it all out there on the stage.

We’ve compiled 3 ways you can impress the judges and get a favorable result in choir competitions regardless of your category.

1. It all starts with great songs

The most important part of the competition begins long before you step into the spotlight. Choose songs that cater to your strengths and evoke a positive reaction for the reviewer.

Ideally, you want the judge to be so intrigued by your piece that it immediately grabs their attention and stays stuck in their minds even after the last note.

Consider choosing songs that they probably have not heard before because it does not leave room for your renditions to be compared to every group that has ever performed it previously.

Give yourself a clean slate and choose fresh tunes that can stand in their own lane.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Now that you have your songs picked out, it’s time to rehearse and get everyone’s parts in order.

When it comes down to nailing your rehearsals, there are three important things that you need to consider.

First, you cannot save your best performance for when you take the stage, you must always sing your best in rehearsals. By giving it your all in rehearsals every time, you build up your stamina and fortitude to deliver the best performance because you have adequately prepared well in advance.

Secondly, teamwork is the true key to your success. When you’re running through the songs, make sure to listen to your neighbor to ensure that everyone is singing together as a cohesive unit. Being proactive and attentive during rehearsals will allow you to lean on each other and recognize when you might need to step in and fill any gaps.

Lastly, make sure to translate and communicate all of your emotion into every song. This is where putting your best into your rehearsals really becomes a crucial element that will determine how your choir will show up on stage. Focus on delivering your interpretation of the piece in a way that’s memorable and invites the audience into your performance. By channelling your full emotions and communicating the music, you allow the songs to become a part of you and it will lead to a more convincing and relatable show.

3. Enjoy Yourself

Although competitions have a natural high-stakes nature to them, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun.

Everyone has the desire to put their best foot forward, but you cannot allow your ambition to win to ever exceed the joy and pleasure you get from the experience.

Keep a humble head and always concentrate on the journey leading up to the performance, rather than that specific moment.

It’s also wise to create instances where each singer has the space to air any grievances and express any frustrations. This allows healthy boundaries to be set so that everyone has the opportunity to relish and cherish the thrill of the ride.

By enjoying and appreciating the road it took to get you there, you will convey an excited comfortability on stage. When you’re having fun, then the audience and the judges will follow suit.

There you have it!

The three key ways you can ensure a satisfactory result in any choir competition you may be participating in this year.

As a final bonus tip, consider participating in one of our international choral competitions and festivals.

As the world’s leading organizer since 1988, INTERKULTUR has brought many people together through music in Barcelona, Vienna, and Hoi An, to name a few.

Register now to take part in world-class choir events that will elevate your profile as a choral singer or conductor!

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