Will INTERKULTUR events be affected by the current COVID-19 outbreak?

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In view of the current worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 INTERKULTUR has published an official statement to all singers and conductors who are concerned about the most recent developments:

“For many years INTERKULTUR has gathered valuable experience in organizing major choir events worldwide with thousands of singers from all parts of the world. The safety of all participants is, of course, our highest priority - the protection of their health comes first.

We, therefore, constantly analyze the current situation with the utmost attention and check whether adjustments to our plans may be necessary  and do actively intervene where necessary. In doing so, we constantly coordinate with our local partners.

We have contacted all choirs involved in events of the coming weeks and are informing them on all latest news about the situation.”

All singers, parents and friends of potential participants who are worried about the situation, are asked to get in touch with their respective choir managers first. They are already in close contact with us and will be the first to be informed about current developments.

We will constantly update you on most recent news in the INTERKULTUR Newsroom. Therefore, the new category “Covid-19” has newly been established, and makes all news easy to follow below each article related to this topic.