Barnsley Youth Choir, Great Britain © BYC

Sing with Mat Wright and Barnsley Youth Choir in Hull!

Workshop and Open Singing session at the international choir competition

Hull International Choir Competition

The Hull International Choir Competition is going to be an exciting event! It will not only be our first-ever choir event in Great Britain, but we’re already looking forward to registered choirs from three continents and on top of that we were able to get the fantastic Mat Wright and his renowned Barnsley Youth Choir to add some great activities to our event schedule:

Workshop & Sing Along session with Mat Wright & Barnsley Youth Choir

In his workshop “Sing from Your Soul” Mat Wright will look at the genre of popular choral music - one that is often misunderstood and undervalued. He will use a simple piece as a focus for the workshop and discuss how choirs can perform this music in an exciting way and produce an interesting interpretation. The focus will be on communication - with one another and, crucially, with an audience. Getting the balance right between technical accuracy and communicative expression is key. Audiences will always forgive a wrong note - they will never forgive a lack of energy, passion and commitment!

Mat Wright, Great Britain © Mat Wright

The Open Singing session with the award-winning Barnsley Youth Choir will provide choirs with some great ideas for warm-ups and they will learn at least 2 contemporary pop choral pieces and perform them with a live band. Choirs will learn about the techniques that BYC uses to learn pieces, and how to engage with the text of songs, communicating to an audience with honesty in an exciting and dynamic way.

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