The Organizers of the 1st Corfu Int. Festival & Choir Competition

Official start in Corfu

Organizers present the 1st Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition

Corfu International Festival & Choir Competition

At a press conference in Corfu last week, the organizers of the "1st Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition", the city of Corfu, the Ionian University of Corfu and INTERKULTUR, announced first musical and organizational details of the event.

The Greek partners – represented by the Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos, Vice Covernor Nicoletta Pandi and the Dean of the Ionian University of Corfu, Prof. Haris Xanthoudakis – were pleased to have laid the foundation for a future cooperation in Corfu together with INTERKULTUR. First suggestions gave proof of the commitment which the organizers are willing to raise. The Choir Parade is supposed to receive musical support by well-known local brass bands. Official events such as the Opening Concert or two projected Gala Concerts are scheduled to take place at a historical open air venue which offers not only a capacity for 3000 visitors but also a unique setting due to the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient fortress Corfu.

The Dean of the Ionian University Prof. Haris Xanthoudakis pointed out that the Ionian University is the only Greek pedagogical institution offering a department for Jazz music. This special feature would be reflected in the competition categories and workshops during the festival.

In addition to the competition participation the choirs have the opportunity to meet other singers from different cultural circles during the Friendship Concerts taking place on the island. Furthermore the event offers Evaluation Performances with international choral experts for which choirs can receive valuable professional advice regarding their performance.

"Although the time is running, we will bring the international voices to the wonderful island Corfu together with our Greek partners and we will celebrate a big choral festival with sounds from near and far," said INTERKULTUR President Günter Titsch a few days ago.

During the press conference Fred Sjöberg, the Artistic Director of the INTERKULTUR festival, emphasized the great potential of Corfu being the destination of an international choral event. For INTERKULTUR, the world's leading organizer of international choir competitions featuring more than 160 choir competitions and approximately 8060 choirs from 100 countries, Corfu would represent an excellent Greek venue.

The attractiveness for national and international choirs would not only be based on Corfu's cultural and historical significance but also on its geographical proximity to the surrounding small islands in the Mediterranean Sea – these aspects would offer singers from all parts of the world the possibility to combine  the joy for singing with their wanderlust.

Choirs, which are interested in the "1st Corfu International Festival and Choir Competition" will have the chance until March 21, 2016 to benefit from the early bird discount. The regular registration deadline will end on May 30, 2016.