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World Choir Games Boost Gangneung City's Global Reputation

11 days of the global mega music event concludes with the official Closing Ceremony on July 13

World Choir Games 2023

The 12th World Choir Games (WCG), the largest global choral competition, has successfully concluded after 11 days of remarkable performances. The event wrapped up with a Closing Ceremony scheduled on July 13.

WCG 2023 Gangneung began on July 3 at the Gangneung Arena with a grand Opening Ceremony attended by 7,000 people. It received an overwhelmingly positive response, with all performances completely sold out.

A massive 63,000 visitors and 38,000 choir and staff members took part in this extraordinary music event during the entire event period. This means that more than 110,000 people came together for 11 days of music at the World Choir Games in Gangneung.

All World Choir Games participants brought their own music to the city of Gangneung showcasing their talents in more than 200 competition performances in total and 60 public Friendship Concerts around the city.

In the Awards Ceremonies of the World Choir Games, a total of 69 Golden, 19 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals were awarded to the participating choirs and a total of 24 Champions of the World Choir Games 2023 were crowned.

The participating choirs from China were most successful by achieving a total of 22 Medals, followed by Indonesia with a total of 13 Medals and the Republic of Korea with 11 Medals in total.

In The Open Competition a total of 44 Golden, 61 Silver and Bronze Diplomas were given to the participating choirs.

Leading up to the event, the WCG 2023 Gangneung garnered the attention of major media outlets, resulting in over 800 news reports about the event.

Yongsoo Huh, the president of the WCG 2023 Gangneung Organizing Committee, said, "The event not only improved Gangneung's reputation worldwide but also showcased K-chorus as a cultural force beyond K-POP."

Günter Titsch, Founder and President of the World Choir Games, INTERKULTUR and World Choir Council emphasized: "We were impressed by the remarkable level of excellence demonstrated in the event's organization by our partners in Korea. I am confident that the cherished memories our participants created will resonate in their hearts for years to come!"

The WCG 2023 Gangneung featured 324 participating groups and participants from 46 countries and regions participating in various official events, such as Opening and Closing ceremonies, Awards, competitions, Friendship Concerts, Celebration Concerts, the General Conference of the World Choir Council, and workshops. The venue also offered fun experiences like free photo booths, stamp tours, and Korean name calligraphy.

Furthermore, choirs performed freely on the streets of Gangneung, turning the entire area into a lively festival scene. Their 11-day presence not only boosted tourism but also revitalized local businesses.

The captivating music performed by different choirs, ranging from famous ones to Ukraine's Girls Choir "Vognyk," religious choirs, and community choirs, deeply moved the audience. This music transcended borders and brought people together through its universal language.

Due to bad weather during the rainy season, the street parade was not able to take place. However, the Friendship Concert, initially planned for outdoor venues like Gyeongpo Beach and Wolhwa Street, successfully moved to indoor locations such as the Gangneung City Hall and the Gangneung City Senior Welfare Center.

The Closing Ceremony will started with a parade of participating countries, symbolizing their togetherness over the past 11 days. It was followed by handing over the flag to the next host country and a concert by an international Festival Stage Choir concert of 380 singers and a special moment where everyone joined in a prayer for peace.

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