Legacy 100: Educating the conductors

Sharing knowledge for the benefit of the choral community

World Choir Games 2018

To pass on knowledge and experience for the benefit of the whole choral community is an essential concern to INTERKULTUR. Therefore INTERKULTUR created the conductor’s training session Legacy 100 which took place on July 10, 2018 at the University of Pretoria as part of the World Choir Games 2018.

During the session three international choral experts, Beverly Shangkuan-Chen from the Philippines, Johan Rooze from the Netherlands and Milan Kolena from Slovenia outlined topics such as the concepts of choral networking, the details of interaction with other choirs, possibilities for choral development by participating in competitions and festivals and other issues of importance to the conductors present.

By attending the events of the World Choir Games such as concerts and competitions the attendees are encouraged to engage with other conductors, share their experience and gain new insights and thus advance their choral skills and networks for the benefit of their choirs and choral communities.

Johan Rooze: “The 100 Legacy session provides an excellent opportunity for local choral leaders to interact and network with each other, to benefit from the experience of internationally active fellow conductors and to gain insight into the possibilities and advantages of taking part in international choral events. It’s great that the World Choir Games will thus have a fantastic legacy effect on South African conductors and the choral scene overall the country.”